Top 15 Android CRM Software

We all know that the main purpose of a business is to create a customer and retain it. There’s no doubt when we say that customers are lifeblood of a business as most businesses fail without customers. The relationship that you share with your customer depends on loyalty and trust and this is where CRM or customer relationship management comes in.

15 Best Mobile CRM Apps To Add To Your Sales Arsenal

Android CRM Software

CRM is the software that helps businesses achieve their goal of building a strong relationship with their customers. Considering the plethora of options that you have in the market with regards to CRM, you might feel spoilt for choices. Here are best 15 Android CRM software solutions.

HubSpot CRM

HubSpot CRM is a cloud-based platform that assists companies of all sizes in nurturing and tracking leads and analyzing business metrics. This CRM platform is appropriate for any B2B or B2C business in different segments including marketing, accounting, construction, sales, real estate and more. It provides services like sales automation, inbound marketing, customer relationship management and many more.


amoCRM is a customer relationship management platform that offers multiple functions. It excels at taking your relationship with your customer to another level. The connection with messengers gets personal and all of the major messaging platforms are compatible with this software. It is possible to create your Chatbots and ensure your business is 24/7 online. The sales managers love this software for reporting, in-depth analytics and automation features.

Centra Hub CRM

CentraHub CRM is a solution that is catered to assist businesses of any size with customer care service, streamlining sale and the overall marketing process. This software can both be hosted on-premise and on the cloud. It has custom reporting, live dashboards and other automation tools that let teams to act on initiatives that foster business growth. It tracks interactions with prospects, leads automatically.


Onpipeline is a cloud-based CRM software that lets you handle sales, activities and contacts. You can obtain leads from third-party organizations, web forms and API connections that allow you track deals without having to spend hours in filling forms. You can exercise control over the sales process and set reminders for activities with Outlook or Gmail calendar. You can access this software through monthly subscriptions.


Bitrix24 is a client management solution which offers a viable platform for companies to track interactions with partners and present clients. This software lets users in logging in and handling client interactions, store and capture data, generate reports of sales and segment their target audiences. Users can create templates for message and also send group mails to customers.

Zoho CRM

This is a business management platform that caters to businesses that vary from small to medium sized businesses. Zoho CRM offers marketing and sales automation tools with analytics, helpdesk and other customer support activities. Users can combine G Suite, MailChimp, WordPress, Unbounce and various other third-party systems. It has both monthly and annual subscriptions that are extended beyond phone.


This CRM platform is powered by artificial intelligence and it is created for startup firms, medium and large sized companies. GOT CRM provides personalized workflows that perfectly align with unique commercial needs. Its features include lead tracking, digital marketing plans, sales reports and more. Sales team have the option to utilize voice-activated features to send messages and group mails to contacts.


EngageBay is a combination of sales, marketing and CRM solution. It has been created to assist the small and medium sized companies to obtain, engage and convert the visitors into potential customers. This cloud-based platform helps businesses utilize marketing tools to nurture their relationships with customers and make sure that they can be retained throughout their lifetime.


Freshsales is a customer relationship management that is based on cloud technology. It helps businesses through various industries to handle interactions with future and present customers. Few of the main features are like tracking sales leads, tracking events, managing sales and one-click phone. The inbox automates prioritizing mails from leads and contacts that are awaiting a response.


Salesflare is a CRM solution based on cloud technology that lets small business firms and startups automate the entire procedure of data entry. It assembles data and information from social media profiles, expert email signatures and emails. This software merges bulk mails from this software and then supervises all those activities via email. The inbox of Salesflare prioritizes mails automatically.

Agile CRM

Agile CRM is a customer relationship management that is cloud-based.  This CRM is designed for small and medium sized businesses and it offers telephony tools, contact management, marketing automation, appointment scheduling and project management. This software also provides mail integration that lets users sync data with other email services including Microsoft Exchange and Gmail.

Zendesk Sell

Zendesk Sell is a mobile-based customer relationship management that lets B2B and B2C sales professionals to track leads, manage sales and involve proactively with the customers. The system has a sales automation module with different options for self-service and proper channel management.

FreeAgent CRM

FreeAgent CRM offers great experience on personalized cloud-based platform that lets teams unravel their productivity and effortlessly boost sales. You are allowed to zoom in and zoom out between deep-dive activity and high-level overviews that happen automatically. You also obtain instant insights into the customer relationships and view activity that is linked with any change in the pipeline.

Thryv Software

This is a comprehensive business management solution that is designed to assist the small businesses with all sorts of functions. Owners can expand their online presence, improve customer relationship and streamline processing of payments. The main features include integrated CRM system, invoicing and billing, scheduling of appointments and contact management.


This is a product of Interchange Solutions Inc. and it is a cloud-based CRM. They allow management and sales teams to handle aspects of sales cycle that include lead and case management, sales reporting and company tracking. You can also use this software for on-premise deployment.

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