ExpressVPN Review – A VPN Speed Leader (2020)

Are you concerned about any intruder peeping on your virtual screen and hampering your online privacy? If yes, you should consider using virtual private network or VPN.

In the realm of VPNs especially designed for consumers, Express VPN has got an expansive distribution of servers all over the globe. ExpressVPN has also made a huge investment in creating explainer videos for informing consumers how they operate as a secure and safe company.

ExpressVPN Review – Fast and Secure

ExpressVPN Review 2020

However, even though it has boosted its value by everything that it offers, it is still on the costlier side of the yardstick.

Among other VPNs, ExpressVPN is a little more expensive for its premium and unique features. To know more on this, read this review before you invest.

VPN – What is it?

Did you ever connect your laptop while sitting in a coffee shop? The Wi-Fi network that you connect to is totally unsecured and unsafe.

Intentionally, anyone could sneak into your web traffic and check your private information. It might also be that the free Wi-Fi has been designed to steal details from any device that gets connected to it.

As long as the web is concerned, advertisers and governments are all waiting to read your data. It may be hard for you to think that your ISP might also be earning a profit from selling your personal data.

When you connect to a virtual private network or VPN, the data travels via a tunnel or a channel that is encrypted to a definite server.

This server is operated by the VPN company that you’re using. During the process of transit, no one can intercept the data and hence there will be no chance of identity theft. You can also spoof your location when you connect your internet through a VPN server.

Is Express VPN the fastest in the market?

You must be wondering to yourself whether this is the fastest VPN out there in the market and whether it is worth your money.

Well, regardless of whether you wish to download torrents or stream Netflix or stay anonymous or play video games, the best option for you is Express VPN.

This VPN company can do all of the aforementioned tasks and the latest version is a killer one. You can try it out yourself by utilizing the risk-free 30 day money back guarantee.

Are you running short of time? Express VPN is your answer

Express VPN has always been recommended by others for its unblocking facilities and speed. Till now, the market has never been frozen.

Streaming services kept adding geoblocks according to locations and left no stone unturned to restrain access within the last few months. China kept raising the number of obstacles and hackers kept getting more and more creative. Competitors also went on being faster.

No matter what, Express VPN is one of the most impressive and revered VPNs ever made. Researchers have dug deep to get to know all the features of this VPN to see how it actually holds up.

Pricing and Features of Express VPN

There are 3 main subscriptions of Express VPN.

  1. $12.95 for each month.
  2. $59.95 for every six months and.
  3. $99.95 annually.

Like most of the services, the sole difference here is the time for which you commit to the services of this VPN.

This company takes payments from PayPal, all the noteworthy credit card companies and other payment services like WebMoney and Alipay. You can even purchase Express VPN with Bitcoin.

The present monthly cost of a VPN services ranges around $10.10 (a little below the charge of Express VPN – $12.95). There are few other VPNs that come in handy with a lower average cost.

For instance, Mullvad, another VPN provider costs $5.54/month thereby making it one of the most economical choices for consumers.

Is there anything that can be called cheaper than ‘cheap’? That is ‘free’! But for the Express VPN users, there’s sad news as they don’t have any free VPN subscription. Few years back, Express VPN had only 3 simultaneous connections that people could have from various devices.

However, until late, Express VPN has improved with what it offers in order to abide by the normal average (of 5 connections) provided by others.

However, this welcome change comes in a bit late as other VPNs have already come in to challenge this by providing plans that are much less restrictive.

On the other hand, you can opt for a router that already has Express VPN preloaded, due to the partnership of Express VPN along with Flash Routers. You can also follow the instructions of Express VPN to configure this router on your own.

The benefit of using a router that is VPN enabled is that it can safeguard your device on the network. This also includes those which are not able to run VPNs and which easily lets you connect to a wide array of devices.

Torrenting through Express VPN

Express VPN offers its users with unlimited bandwidth which promotes totally unrestricted torrenting. However, at the same time, it also lets torrenting and P2P sharing throughout several servers.

Express VPN doesn’t maintain any history logs and it has its headquarters in an extremely privacy-friendly location, your history of torrenting can’t ever be disclosed by anyone. You can use this with uTorrent or any BitTorrent client with guarantee of remaining anonymous.

Thanks to the DNS protection through Express VPN’s personal DNS on all servers safeguards you even more from any disclosures that reveal your torrenting activity. Express VPN is a good choice for P2P sharing, torrenting, not only for security but also in terms of performance and speed.

Users prefer Express VPN for torrenting and they have always kept it higher on their review of the best VPNs that can be used for torrenting.

It can be concluded by saying that it is worth investing every penny on an impressible and effective VPN.

Now that you’ve gone through the review, you’ll well understand the popularity of Express VPN. It offers huge global network, best level of encryption and incredible unblocking abilities.

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  1. As we know, all VPN’s are not equal. Some are excellent and and some are worst but this one meets my standard of expectation. A superb app with a kill switch, and accessible, fast live customer service that is genuine and follows up.

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