Adobe Photoshop Reviews 2020: Details, Pricing, & Features

The manipulation of digital image revolution was started by Adobe Photoshop almost 3 decades back. The groundbreaking application from Adobe still continues to be called the best photo editing software that you can buy for your money.

Adobe Photoshop Reviews and Pricing 2020

Adobe Photoshop Reviews 2020

If you are looking for typography, layered image editing, 3D modeling and drawing, then you’re going to need this photo editing tool.

Both photographers and web designers find the most advanced tools all available for their jobs in Adobe Photoshop application. It has AI-driven portrait selection, enhanced control over raw camera, automatic download of font and many other noteworthy features that make it the best in the industry.

A glance at the pros and cons of Adobe Photoshop

The most interesting part of the Photoshop update is the latest Object Selection Tool. Adobe is in fact putting Sensei to proper use and this can dramatically curb edit times for both artists and photographers. However, users have felt that there are some features that are a bit superfluous. Take a quick look at the pros and cons.


  • Object Selection Tool will save a lot of your time.
  • Cloud makes sure workflow is fluid and fast.
  • Default consistent transform is extremely useful.


  • Smaller menu adjustments are pretty weak.
  • Warp tool is un-doable once committed.
  • Subs model is not made for everyone.

Lately, Adobe released a host of upgraded tools and features and added them to Photoshop 2020 as they made an effort to bridge the gap between laptop/desktop based Photoshopping and utilizing the new Photoshop for iPad.

Though there are several new refreshes and additions that Photoshop already stacked to their library of tools and features, yet the question is whether the updates are worth the cost. Can the powerful Sensei artificial intelligence of Adobe work reliably or help you save time when you’re working on this application? Read on to find out more.

Object Selection Tool

By far, the Object Selection tool is definitely the newest update. Adobe utilizes Sensei’s artificial intelligence to recognize objects within a scene and automatically creates selections. This is definitely the Magic Wand tool of Adobe Photoshop.

However there are few instances when the Object Selection Tool doesn’t work 100%. In case there are busy environments that have lots of crossing over complicated architectural backgrounds. Even then, it performs pretty good! You just have to pair it with Select and Mask tool to improve its performance.

Saving is easier through the Cloud

As Adobe expands its Photoshop software through multiple devices, it’s targeting proper integration by permitting you to save things in Adobe Cloud.

This clearly means that you can begin your work at your office on a desktop and then finish the same work sitting in a cafe and working on your iPad. This feature can also be used for working on files in Adobe Fresco too.

In case you suddenly find your internet or WiFi connection not working, you can still work offline and sync it automatically as and when the internet connects. You just have to be aware of the level of membership and the Creative Cloud storage that you have. In case you’re a power user, you may have to jig few files from time to time.

This is indeed a great addition and you can breathe a sigh of relief when the battery of your device dies or the software crashes all of a sudden.

Nevertheless, it can’t be denied that the Cloud Storage is slightly clunky. When you save files on the Cloud, don’t expect to download them again on to your device as you will again have to open them on Photoshop to re-save locally.

Transform Continuously

You can rest your fingers as consistent transform behavior through the Shift key is a thing of past.

Adobe Photoshop 2020 performs a consistent transform which means that you can make selections smaller and bigger without having to squash its height or width. All this can be done by holding down Shift. It’s not sure why this wasn’t the basic standard since the inception of Photoshop.

You will find the icon of the Link at the top of the toolbar that is automatically on. Hold down the Shift key and you will see how you can adjust the height and width as normal. In case you’re an old-school person and you wish to leave it as it is, go to Edit>Preferences>General and tick Legacy Free Transform.

Versatile Smart Object Conversion

The Merged Smart Object layers are more versatile with the ability to reverse the procedure of converting several layers to a smart object. As you complete creating your Smart Object with layers, you can easily right click on it in the Layers palette and go to Convert to Layers to reverse the entire process.

Now you will get them in a Smart Object Group folder so that they don’t get inter-mingled in your 200 layer document. This update is best for artistic and design-oriented Photoshop users rather than the normal photographers.

Better presets

There have been some of the best changes to the presets area of Photoshop. The older ones that users loved are also there but they are currently hidden within the Legacy Presets option in the contextual panel menu.

However, there is also access to new shapes, gradients and patterns which have their own dedicated panels. This makes it easier to move through thumbnails.

You are also allowed to reorder and categorize your presets using the simple drag and drop feature and place them on the canvas if required. This feels as a universal change to take into account the functionality on the iPad.

You will now gain a live preview as you move through presets by clicking on them to gain a feel for each image on the canvas. This is better than squinting at thumbnails.

Therefore, if you’re a designer or a photographer, you should definitely use Adobe Photoshop in order to excel in your photo editing tasks. If you’re interdisciplinary in your workflow, it is your ideal choice.

Although Photoshop 2020 boasts of having strong animation functions, if you’re looking for standalone motion graphics app for 3D content making, you should choose Cinema 4D.

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