15 Best CRM Systems for Your Business

What is a good CRM software? When do you call a CRM software program as ‘good’? Well, when it lets companies handle customer interaction and data at the same time, it is definitely a good CRM software.

The Best CRM Software Reviews of 2020

Best Customer Relationship Management Software

It should be capable of automating sales, marketing and customer care. The CRM software should let you access business details, manage vendors, partners, and suppliers and improve relationships with employees.

Nevertheless, it is a challenge to find an ideal CRM for your business amidst the competitive market. Read on to know the 15 best CRM software systems for your organization.


After several researches and analysis, HubSpot CRM was found to be the best CRM for your business. It is the best among the free CRM solutions.

It is linked to several places where maximum sales occur like emails, phone calls, social media, websites and others. HubSpot CRM easily integrates within your process without the requirement of any changes.


With this CRM, you can facilitate the process of sales and provide your customers with a customized experience. You can handle your contacts properly and keep a tab on all sorts of sales activities.

This CRM system is also ideal for sending email campaigns and you’ll get to know what happens to the mails after you send them. You’ll love the scalability and flexibility of Salesmate CRM.


Freshsales CRM system has been developed in order to assist the sales team of your business to reach out to each lead while being armed with a CTA (call-to-action) and a context regarding the customer.

It streamlines lead management and conducts scoring of leads effectively. Freshsales also prioritizes leads as per their ranks.


NetSuite CRM has been created to cater to the requirements of most small and medium sized business through a wide array of industries that include retail, manufacturing and wholesale distribution.

This CRM also offers functionalities to distribute sales management and performance. Few tools include opportunity management, forecasting, order management and incentive compensation management.


This CRM software can be employed by small businesses due to the array of editions that are offered. As against Insightly, Zoho offers a little bit more in terms of marketing or sales features. It provides tracking of website visitor, sales signals, lead scoring and many more advanced features.


This is probably one of the most widely used and biggest used CRM software in the industry. There is a basic edition for small businesses called Lightning Essentials.

The user gets an advanced contact manager which includes follow-up reminders and mail integration. It also offers several options like customization and integration. $25/month/user is the basic package for Lightning Essentials.


Pipedrive has been created by sales professionals and web app developers. It has the capability of organizing the leads of your business so that you get a proper overview of your company sales.

Setting up the CRM software and using it is pretty easy and fast. Pipedrive is mobile-optimized and hence it is a favorite among sales teams.


vCita is a business management software that provides you a comprehensive platform for customer service that is designed to assist small businesses handle several aspects of their business.

There are host of powerful features that comprise of lead generation, client portal, invoicing and payment, online scheduling and client management. Businesses can build better customer relationships with this tool.


Pipeliner is a CRM that is made to offer heightened level of engagement not just between customers and a company but also between software and the users.

The main attraction of the platform is its usability and desirability of the interface. It has high visual philosophy, drag and drop options, automation and data visualization reports.


CRM platform called Avochato is a cloud-based SMS/text messaging solution that is created with operational and sales teams in mind.

Business can handle different types of conversations, from texts to calls through one single app. Avochato also assists with auto dealerships, delivery services, insurance, home care, logistics and e-commerce.

Zengine by WizeHive

Zengine is a powerful solution that is designed for organizations that are focused on missions like non-profits, foundations or universities.

This is a sturdy solution that bestows organization in delivering effective user experience to partners, applicants, reviewers and others who are key to their operations. You can handle the total cycle of grants, scholarships, fellowships and many more.


This one is especially interesting as it offers many of those features of big businesses like drag-and-drop automation of marketing and reports through email.

This solution also support a host of plugins, widgets, intergrations powered by API and much more. However, this CRM software’s free version is restrained in features and terms offered.


Capsule CRM is a software has been around for a while now. It was introduced in 2008 and since then, it became pretty famous all through the years. This software is easy-to-use and it lets users track sales pipelines and relationships.

This software can also be used on mobile and desktops. The UI can be categorized into 5 groups, people and organizations, dashboard, calendars, sales pipeline and tasks.


Salesflare is yet another CRM solution that is designed for B2B companies. This offers powerful yet user-friendly features like collaboration tools, contact management and document management. It’s neat and clean interface is one of the notable qualities of Salesflare. With only few clicks, you can take quick actions.


Monday.com is a collaboration software and it is touted to be one that offers best productivity solution to the industry. Although it is not a CRM at its core but it can be perfect for businesses that wish to handle clients along with their lifecycles.

It offers CRM functions that allow businesses to add a tool to their project management board. Its increased visibility and transparency is that which sets Monday.com apart from others.

So, if you own a small business and you’re looking for a CRM solution, make sure you choose any one from the above mentioned list.

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