Top 15 Wireless Expense Management Software

Wireless Expense Management or WEM seems to be an extension of TEM or Telecom Expense Management services. This is the procedure of tackling the wireless and mobile devices of a company. Companies should not just focus on auditing invoices to manage the wireless devices since the time they’re installed. Businesses also have to focus on the core business areas. The bigger is the business, the tougher it is to handle such things on a regular basis.

Expense Management Software – All Your Data In One Place

Wireless Expense Management Software

If you’re a business owner who is already under the pressure of managing all sorts of tasks on your own, you should invest in any of the following wireless expense management software.


Emburse Cards will give you the opportunity to design virtual and plastic credit cards that have got in-built rules on spending. This lets you restrict your expenses according to a date, budget, time and location. You can minutely track all your personal expenses without having to ask people about it. This is a cloud based platform that is helpful for both employers and employees. You can set daily, fixed, monthly project limits that can’t be surpassed by employees.

Mobile-X Suite

Mobile-X Suite is a rather comprehensive and all-inclusive suite of wireless expense management software that is created to curb costs and allocate resources through the entire mobile employees. It has been designed to help businesses of all sizes. It offers 360-degree view of mobile usage that includes information on users who have used highest data and saving potential.

Network Control

Network Control is an effective wireless expense management software that is of much use to the companies that have global life cycle management for voice, wireless and data services. This software offers an entirely managed solution from detection of errors to processing of invoices to contract management, analytics and reporting, policy management and many more tasks.

Wireless Watchdogs

Wireless Watchdogs are best for medium and large business firms and enterprises as well government agencies. It is a web-based solution that cuts down the cost and complicated nature of the mobile environment. They use features like billing optimization and billing analysis. This company was founded in 2001 and it was located in the US.


IconRadius usually caters to the mid-sized companies and telecom operators that work on FTTH, broadband and have wi-fi services. It is one of the leaders in the OSS/BSS solution platform for Telecom and ISP operators. It is also best for managing end-to-end operations of service providers. Few such services are billing and invoicing, customer management, help desk, franchise management, service provisioning, reporting and analytics and inventory.


IT teams all throughout the nation trust vCom for operations, IT planning and expenditure management. Their expert services let you handle asset planning, operations, procurement and expenses. The centralized platform of vManager creates orders and tracks workflow in order to give you the best insights on your deadlines.


Tellenium’s Integrated Management System or TIMS is a SaaS wireless expense management system that is designed for businesses that fall within the energy, manufacturing, healthcare and technology industry. This platform offers features that include expense management, telecom charges, tracking of physical assets, invoice imaging, MACS management and access control.


WidePoint is a lifecycle handling software that is cloud-based and that helps mid-sized to larger organizations. WidePoint helps you with volume purchasing, budgeting and payments. Few main features of the platform are usage reporting, negotiation, charge back tracking and cost allocation. It has a module that lets users to handle the telecom resources of the firm.


SutiWEM is an efficient web-based telecom expense management for small and medium sized businesses that analyze the usage of wireless data to offer recommendations on the ways of curbing spending. By utilizing the rate plan optimization features, users can know more on spending scenarios to compare with actual expenses.

Mobility Central

Visage is the name that you can always trust when it comes to tackling your wireless expense management needs are concerned. Their analysts make use of the most effective software in the industry to offer recommendations for saving money. All it takes is a single billing cycle. They offer a strong device procurement solution to reduce telecom spends.


ClearView is a product of Valicom and it is a strong TEM or telecom expense management solution that lets businesses handle wireless, voice and data networks. Companies and enterprises can gain better visibility into their telecom field, curb down costs and also minimize risks. This is a scalable, full-featured platform that is integrated with the Accounts Payable system. It is used as a standalone software.

Total Telecom Management

Comview offers TEM or telecom expense management, wireless mobility management and call accounting solutions to medium and large sized businesses across several industries. The telecom expense management solution offered by Comview offers businesses entire control to handle costs in an effective manner.


With eXsight, you can avert costly oversights, enhance the productivity of the staff and boost process effieicney by making sure you get to use the best TEM practices. Businesses get the ability to exercise control and gain better visibility of their data, voice and wireless data usage. They also cover procurement management, dispute management and invoice management at the same time.

Tangoe TEM

You can easily gain insight and visibility for a specific mobile environment with this software called Tangoe TEM. Users can diminish expenses on assets, source contracts that are best-in-class, improve operational controls and procurement. Tangoe TEM features a managed SaaS as a solution that handles your daily management of invoices, inventory and more.

Unduit Wireless

This is a corporate mobile device management solution that is catered to meet the needs of mid-sized to larger companies. This software manages their entire repair process for the devices of the employees. Unduit offers recycle, repair and also buyback services that expand the life of the assets, boosts productivity and also reduces downtime at the same time.


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