Top 15 Work Order Software

Work order management software is a perfect solution for the facility managers to keep a tab on the work orders via a single dashboard. With the help of such software solutions, you get a centralized place to dump all service requests, supervise the real-time status of tasks, track completion of projects and leave valuable feedback. The location managers can easily handle work orders through cross-platform.

Work Order Software – Service Management Software

Work Order Software

A proper work order management software is comprehensive and intuitive and it makes it easier to handle the entire work order from the beginning to end. Check out the names of the work order software that you can choose from.


EZOffice is a leader in the field of work order software as they let you keep a tab on maintenance costs, schedule recurring tasks, handle service vendors and personalize maintenance alerts. You can also use their mobile app to scan Barcode labels or QR Code and handle service tickets while on-the-go. Thanks to their asset tracking, work order management services that they are one of the ideal software in the field.

Limble CMMS

Limble CMMS is ideal for facilities, manufacturing, hospitality, equipment, fleet, small business, building, property, non-profits, churches, gym, schools and more. It is a user-friendly software that has already adapted a mobile-first approach and that allows you to easily handle assets, WOs, PMs and many more. It is an US based company founded in 2015.


The CMMS of UpKeep is a modern asset and maintenance management solution that is perfectly suitable for your team. You can access UpKeep from your desktop, mobile and your tablet. Thanks to the software that you can create work orders while on the go and also receive notifications whenever the tasks are updated. The app sends you alerts whenever you assets go down.


eMaint is a vital part of the Fluke family and it is also an award-winning CMMS (computerized maintenance management system that is designed keeping in mind partnership. Due to its adaptive interface, users can easily connect data for proper insights; connect one team with another for streamlined operations and systems for enhanced ROI. They have tools for managing, tracking and controlling requests and work orders.


Dude Solutions offers a host of CMMS that are cloud-based and that offer businesses with automated workflow reporting and centralized requests. This is a suitable solution for warehouses, manufacturers and other distribution centers. Users can seek benefits of reporting and tracking and also create requests for work order. It lets you manage recurring orders and automate work orders.


Businesses that are looking for user-friendly, reliable and secure service management solutions should opt for FieldEZ. These solutions can be easily scalable and they have an entire base of more than 40,000 customers all over the world. It is an award-winning field service software that lets you manage your field operations, that too real-time. For the first month, FieldEZ is free of cost.


Snappii is best for small businesses and the Fortune 100 companies. This is a code-less mobile app development platform. It has several apps for handling work orders and it offers a user-friendly mobile solution that also reports statuses of tasks to the management. App users may upload their PDFs, edit and also share them. They have simple load forms that you’re familiar with.


WorkStraight has designed to be industry-neutral and it is leveraged by businesses that range from one person startup to bigger companies that have more than hundreds of employees through a wide array of industries. You can use this software to receive, create and track requests of work from your customers, team and contractors. You can also assign tasks to multiple users, print work orders, receive notifications and also design invoices.

OnetoOne Plus

OnetoOne Plus is designed to meet all sorts of specific requirements of K-12 school systems. They also serve systems that are small with 250 students to the top 100 largest institutions. This software assists schools throughout the US to integrate, simplify and streamline inventory, asset and work order handling processes. Asset assignment, asset management and inventory management are few of its features.


FMX provides configurable maintenance management software that assists companies in streamlining the processes and boosting asset productivity. With the help of this software, you can diminish the time that you need for work order resolution, set up preventive maintenance tasks and manage all your assets and equipment at the same time.


Sockeye is yet another effective work order management software that has been created for businesses of all sizes. They help you with compliance, scheduling, calendar, CMMS, work orders, dashboard, tracking and much more. This software offers maintenance management through work orders, scheduling, dispatching, legal compliance and more. It is compatible both with Mac and Android.


MPulse CMMS software offers integrated tracking, reporting tools, scheduling tools for facilities and equipment maintenance organizations. Through this system, you get flexible employment options and this software is compatible with any form of device. This lets organizations to add features as the organizational requirements keep changing.


Pruvan is best for any business that wishes to go mobile without having to bear the hassles of high costs. Few industries that have used them are HVAC, Property Preservation, Roofing, Constructions and more. Pruvan has a mobile app that delivers services like field visibility to manage quality, crews, and costs and manage several other tasks.

Husky Intelligence

This company is best for landscaping companies, commercial building maintenance, electricians, scheduled maintenance and inspection sector. It is a web-based solution for such companies that offer client and sales management. They offer services like paperless billing, customizable reports, expense and time management. You can offer free trial option.


ShireSystem is a CMMS maintenance and facility management software that is used for maintenance of assets, facilities and estates of professionals. You can keep a record of all facilities and assets through a single software. It is an extremely affordable option that reduces your downtime.

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