Top 15 Workflow Management Software

Are you someone who is still into workflows that depend on a manual process? If answered yes, it’s high time you invest in an all-inclusive workflow management software to make tasks easier.

Once you start relying on a software, the procedures that once felt mammoth and huge and that cost your hours of sleep, are all controlled. You will gradually find those processes to align with the goals of your business.

List Of Good Workflow Management Software

Workflow Management Software

With the plethora of options that you get in the market, it is tough to choose one among the lot. So, here we compile a list of the best 15 workflow management software for you to select from. is a project management as well as a collaboration platform and it is one of the leaders in the market of communication apps. This is nothing but a data hub that syncs all your details while allowing the team members to come together for making sound and informed decisions. It can combine and demonstrate details in line with the progression of a project, informing the team members regarding the status of a project and much more.


Wrike is a rather too powerful tool for workflow management that lets you creative multiple workflows through which you can an entire view of the suite of projects. It created 4 groups of task status – active, deferred, completed and cancelled. This is a more systematic method of streamlining several projects. All team members get a clear view of the progress of a project, irrespective of its status.


Trello comes third in the list of the best workflow management tools. Trello can assist you in enhancing the workflow of your business. Through this platform, you can set up several boards so that you can set categories of cards as per their progress. Trello is a rather too flexible and versatile platform that sets Backlog lists of cards at the very beginning. Users may check whether or not a specific task has ended.


tFlow seems to be perfect for the cloud-based site owners and for the most advanced portals and stores. If you’re looking forward to simplifying daunting tasks like file management, tFLOW will do it for you. This software optimizes efficiency throughout the production process. It offers services like collaboration, file submission, creating of proof, project and asset management, fixing of files and color management.


With QuickReach, you can build automatic workflows in few minutes, that too without having to code! You can get drag-and-drop form, report builder and process map through QuickReach. You also get free templates for workflow in HR, Finance and other categories. You’re allowed to handle tasks in a process or individual level and utilize the mobile app to approve requests.


ProWorkflow is one of the leaders in the industry of workflow management software. It is a comprehensive management tool for teams that comprise of 5 to 5000 people. ProWorkflow has 17 years of experience and it has been trusted for more than 3 million projects. With this software, you can do Track Gantt chart tasks, documents, Kanban boards, time, communications, invoices and quotes. They have special customizable features that can tailor it for any kind of tasks. is cloud-based software that combines apps with special features of project management and collaboration apps. This helps teams handle their projects in a better manner. The tool is extremely versatile and can be used to handle both small and big projects and let them conduct tasks in different stages. You can perform all tasks using plethora of tools that are linked with the software to complete projects within deadlines.

Hubstaff Tasks

Hubstaff Tasks is an ideal software for business owners and teams that don’t want to handle big projects on their own. You can stay on the right track and get things done by performing detailed tasks, focused sprints and Kanban-style workflows that easily automate the procedure. If you can pair this software with Hubstaff time tracking, this can help you with business management.


HoneyBook is an end-to-end invoicing and billing solution that can assist startups, freelancers and small businesses to integrate their tasks and get paid. HoneyBook helps you track billable hours, activities and appointments. It also helps them communicate with clients and schedule meetings, sign and receive contracts, receive and send proposals in a single dashboard. They accept payments from major debit and credit cards and also bank transfers.


KissFlow is a cloud-based software that assists users in creating, designing and customizing business apps. It adopts a light approach in creating workflows that are there in the hands of the users who understand the problems. They have a free trial option and hence you can sign up with them easily. Try to know their features before committing.

HappyFox Workflows

HappyFox Workflows is an advanced automated solution for managing workflow and it is designed to facilitate the business process, reduce possibilities of manual mistakes and enhance productivity throughout the organization.


ActiveBatch automates the entire workflow process, regardless of the industry you are from and it has been used by the bigger IT companies. It centralizes the enterprise procedures that require computer hardware like file storage and data analytics, IT infrastructure and more.


Orchestly is Zoho’s centralized tool that integrates various functionalities within a same platform. This software can work as a collaboration tool, report module, scheduling app, task board and much more. This offers a code-free approach and hence the beginners will find it extremely user-friendly.

Studio Creatio Enterprise

Studio Creatio Enterprise is an entire workflow management suite that lets users control, test and improve all sorts of diverse operations. This vendor is reputable for assisting businesses adapt to all sorts of market requirements, maintaining alterations in the loop and adjust to trends. You can check the free trial of the product.


Backlog was specifically created for the app developers and it covers all aspects of software development. Few aspects that are included are design, development, marketing, production and IT. It works through the cloud and the users get an option for the on-premise version.

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