15 Best Admissions and Enrollment Management Software

School admissions are a mammoth task which can give the school authorities sleepless nights. Thanks to the advancements in the field of technology that we have admissions and enrollment management software that makes this entire task easy and systematic.

Top Student Admission Management System Software

Student Admissions Software

They can run the total process of student admission and enrollment, from application processing to tackling all the applications to payment of fees. These software solutions also offer marketing tools that are designed for schools to bring in new students.

Now that there are plethora of options in this field, it is tough to choose the best one. Check out the list of the top 15 leaders in this field.

Salesforce for Education

Salesforce for Education has been built on the leading CRM of the world, Education Cloud that connects staff, students and alumni with combined solutions.

They believe that the success of students start with the success of the institution. Hence school authorities who wish to create a better world for students should own the right tools. This admission management software is your ideal choice.

Kira Talent

Kira Talent is best for academic programs and schools at worldwide institutions who wish to identify the best possible applicants on more data points as compared to test scores and grades.

With this software, you can join 300+ schools all over the world who are partners with Kira Talent to amalgamate on-demand timed video and written with the rest of the admission process. This software has gained a rating of 4.5/5.

School Admin

SchoolAdmin offers enrollment, integrated admissions and tuition management software to assist independent K12 schools and private schools as well as the people who operate them.

From handling enquiries to enrolling students to matriculation, they let the teams work faster and smarter to win the hearts of your future students.


For students and school authorities, you can boost your impact with the cloud-based software called Submittable.

With the help of this software, you can make your workflows automatic, gather grant applications, analyze results and combine review in a much seamless manner. You can customize the procedure with a drag-and-drop builder and other effective reporting tools.


Evalato is an online solution that is best for any size non-profits, companies and associations that run contests, awards, grants, competitions, scholarships, funding programs, applications and various other programs.

This is a next-generation admissions management software to review, collect and handle applications of the program. You can work smartly with this software as it is an innovative and wise option.

SurveyMonkey Apply

With this software, you can optimize the way your institution reviews applications, collects scholarships, awards, grant amounts and other programs. You can select the best possible candidates and concentrate on everything that actually matters. They offer special non-profiting pricing.

PowerSchool Enrollment

With PowerSchool enrollment software, schools can shift to a simple yet strong online system for choice of schools and lotteries, applications, registration forms, student contracts, athletic sign-ups, policy sign-offs and much more. This software can help you customize forms and procedures to your needs and let you contact with families.

Technolutions Slate

In the realm of admissions and enrollment management software, Technolutions Slate is also a robust and finely-tuned system that lets offices to keep evolving and advancing in their processes and programs.

Reviews suggest that this solution allows enrollment to run their process independently with proper system integrations.


MyClassCampus is a one-stop solution ERP platform that is advanced enough to assist educational organisations adapt to the digital way. They also have a mobile app that has been designed uniquely to integrate and combine all the stakeholders of an organization on one platform.

This software has interesting and useful features like Exam Scheduler, Lesson Planning, Fee & Finance Management, User directory, leave management, online admission and many more tasks.


TargetX delivers CRM solutions out-of-the-box that allow education professionals to return to the business of delivering students with personalized, mobile-first and results oriented with specific student experience.

With TargetX, you can change enrollment management and boost productivity of admissions with their online app, tools and reporting suite. You can encourage students to achieve success through their mobile app.

Embark Campus

The Embark was established in 1995 and since then, they’ve been the leading provider of online admissions and applications to universities, schools, colleges and fellowship programs all over the globe.

Embark Campus’ hosted solution has offered a platform for more than 14 million students who can apply to several hundred schools to evaluate the process of their admissions. This is the most advanced software program.

Ellucian CRM Recruit

Your prospects will be in need of an expansive application experience. The staff members will look for an user-friendly solution that can automate all sorts of manual tasks so that they get more time to invest on students.

This software solution delivers all of that and much more. With the features, you can enhance your application process and earn better ROI.


This is a web-based admission and enrollment management tool that lets school counselors, independent counselors and community-based institutions handle enrollment, admissions of students, fees, travel and much more.

This platform can manage student records, online applications, organize trips and events and do several other tasks.

SMART School Management

SMART is a technological solution that was developed to offer automated means and effectively handle proprietary schools.

Its objectives and visions is to use latest technology at the most reasonable price while reducing the requirement of institutions and schools to employ IT personnel at the right level.


Ascendance is a software by the company Senior Systems that offer a comprehensive enterprise-style database system for independent and private PK-12 schools.

Senior Systems offers its services to independent schools with PK-12 school solution to handle integrated school data in an effective manner and within an all-in one database.

Therefore, if you’re an institution that is looking forward to handling all your student applications, scholarships and grants, you can take into account any of the above mentioned software solutions.

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