Top 15 Best Call Tracking Software In 2020

Would you ever have a paid ads campaign without keeping the analytics capabilities at the right place to know about the ads that are playing the key role in driving results for your business?

Even content marketing and SEO can be quantified in a way where you can track actions of visitors. This way, you can better comprehend the way your unique strategies are performing.

List of Top Call Tracking Software 2020

Best Call Tracking Software

Despite of the special focus on management and metrics, there are other companies that consider phone calls to be the black box. Calls keep coming in often resulting in sales. How are you supposed to track those calls? Here are the names of the 15 best call tracking software.


Zivo is touted to be an ideal solution for cloud-based call center company that assists businesses in handling communication with clients through the use of call masking, call tracking call transfer, call queuing and several other features of a virtual call center.

This software is built as a new-gen contact center and it has gained an experience of 10 years, being developed by Aswat Telecom in partnership with customers.


The call tracking feature of HubSpot in built within their free CRM and Sales suite and most users love this software due to their native integration and functionality.

Hubspot doesn’t only give you analytics and call tracking but you can also make calls from the browser without having to pick up the phone. Through Voice Over IP, you can get connected to a prospect on your desk phone. Their free email tracking service is also useful.


This software called 800Response offers you a suite of real-time tracking of calls and tools to monitor the calls. It is the key to enhancing new acquisition of customers and also optimizes the facility to interact with customers.

Companies can gain accurate information with the help of lead analytics, lead tracking reports and customer interaction analytics. In order to gain 100% visibility, you may use 800Response.


Clixtell is designed in such a manner that it can be easily accessible by agencies and businesses of all sizes. You can seamlessly analyze and supervise every PPC click by more than 100 data points.

They have a superior network called Neural Network that can instantly detect any Click Fraud attempts. You can easily identify click-farms, bots, competitors and hacker and report back to Google for crediting and blocking.


If you’ve been looking for an affordable and user-friendly CRM software, EngageBay is the one to use. This is built for startup firms and businesses to engage, acquire and nurture visitors and gradually convert them into happy customers.

You are allowed to obtain leads through lead generation forms and involve visitors through attractive landing pages.


Although ActiveDemand has a large small and medium sized business marketing automation suite, yet call tracking is the only function that they offer you.

In case you feel that you’re in the business for an entire tech overhaul, this is the one to choose for accessing robo call campaigns, attribution campaigns and lead distribution.


CloudTalk is an effective smart phone system with the latest call tracing features. More than 2500 businesses like Yves Rocher, DHL, Glovo and Karcher depend on the premium call quality and telephone services.

With CloudTalk, you can simplify the life of your customer care team by accessing above 70 latest calling features. You get a 14-day free trial version.


With Agile CRM call tracking software, you can receive, make, record and analyze  all sorts of calls without leaving access to the CRM.

They have an in-built call recording and telephone capabilities that’ll help you. You no longer need to worry about improving sale performance and recollection of phone calls.


Like several other options that are listed here, this software too supports users with features like inbound call tracking, enrichment of calls on consumer databases and CRM integration for exporting call data.

This is an intelligent SMS automation that responds to missed calls. For companies with heavy customer base, Call Action is a good choice.


CallRail offers different call attribution software that has already helped more than 100,000 businesses and other small marketing agencies.

This software solution has sturdy functions to easily track and route calls and integrate with different sales and marketing platforms. Users are given the chance to create custom reports and apply filters like lead score, tags, keywords and campaign source.


Fetchit is one of the best software solutions for veterinary clinics. You can utilize the notifications to extract information on clients through the Practice Management Software.

Until you’re done with greeting, you can easily have the chart on user details and all the information that you may need to assist your clients.


LiveVox is a digital software that offers call center services for agencies and businesses with more than 25 agents that are trying to contact North American customers.

It is a cloud-based technology that handles more than 12 billion interactions in a year through a multi-channel environment. They have gathered more than 15 years of cloud expertise.


As per the website of the company, no matter whether you have an experienced business or you’re a novice in this field, Convirza will offer you all sorts of solutions and tools to enhance your marketing expenditure and also the results.

Dynamic insertion of calls, dynamic tracking of calls, quality score of leads and call analytics are the few features offered by Convirza.


This is yet another call tracking software that utilizes Artificial Intelligence to measure the quality of the leads, the intention of the caller and the conversions. It brags about proprietary SourceIQ call attribution technology that makes it easier for the firm to customize call experiences.


This is one of the most ideal options for the non-profits. Apart from providing you with the call management features, you can also get a call tracking software. FluentStream offers special plans for the non-profit firms to help them boost their revenue.


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