Top Affiliate Marketing Networks & Platforms

Are you someone who has been watching out for the best affiliate marketing programs for beginners so that you could earn big commissions in 2020? Considering the current pandemic situation, all of us are looking for passive income sources so that we could earn our living.

Best Affiliate Marketing Platforms And Networks

Best Affiliate Software

Affiliate marketing is hands down, one of the largest industries that is used by majority of the SEOs, expert bloggers and affiliate marketers to make dollars every month.

In order to get a perfectly compiled list of the best affiliate marketing software that are perfect for beginners, read on the concerns of this post.

TripAdvisor Travel Affiliate Program

This is an American website that shows recommendations and reviews about restaurants and hotels. With this website, you can purchase tickets, hotel rooms, book your tickets to amusement parks, buy flight tickets and also buy tour packages all over the globe.

The affiliate program of TripAdvisor offers 50% commission to the publisher and you require being a member of CJ Affiliates in order to apply for this program.


ShareASale is touted to be one of the most popular affiliate networks that have been designed for the potential beginners.

This platform presently has access to more than 3900 merchants among which 1000 merchants exclusively belong to the ShareASale platform. It gives you details on earnings per click, reversal rates for each product, average sales for each product and average commission per each product.


Clickbank is one of the best affiliate programs in the market as they have products of different niches like fitness, health, home, nutrition, garden and many more.

It also offers you a nice platform for product research that can be utilized for testing and finding the best affiliate products. You can also know about the products that have more demand than others.

Restaurants and hotels are undoubtedly one of the most lucrative niches as majority of the affiliate programs of these niches offer up to 30-80% commission to the users.

Through this affiliate program, you can make up to 40% commission for each sale. However, you need to have an engaging website where you promote properties of via affiliate links.

Commission Junction

As against the other famous affiliate marketing networks, CJ (Commission Junction) is seen to perform two things better than its competitors – it offers you a wide array of products and gives you access to multiple tools.

Almost every big and reputable website is tied up with CJ, from real-estate to fitness to marketing industry. Being an affiliate marketer with CJ, you can promote a wide variety of products from different niches.

Amazon Associates

Amazo Associates is one of the best affiliate marketing programs that you can currently find on the internet. Amazon is certainly the leader in e-commerce industry and it lets the website owners to sell products of Amazon and earn a commission through the sale. Here too, you can get millions of products to choose based on your favorite niche.

Leadpages Partner Program

Organizations and businesses always run after good quality leads that can be easily convertible to make them lucrative for the company.

Leadpages allow the small businesses to get in touch with the prospects, generate business leads and earn profits by promoting online campaigns. You can develop pop-ups, web pages, websites and alert-bars using this interactive tool. The user gets up to 30% commission from this affiliate website.

Rakuten Affiliate Network

This was formerly called Rakuten Linkshare and it is touted to be the oldest affiliate partner site that was introduced in 1996. As per its claims, it offers the largest pay on the internet for performance affiliate marketing.

Joining this platform is easy and you can also find and promote a wide array of products from various niches.

AdWork Media

This is one of the most popular CPA affiliate marketing networks where you’ll get more than 2500 campaigns being used for increased website traffic conversions.

They offer you an extensive range of monetization tools like Product Locker, Content Locker, Offer Wall to let you make money from the traffic of their website. Their content locker can be used to lock guides and e-books, music videos, downloads, apps and plugins.

eBay Partner Network

eBay is one more leader among the e-commerce websites and hence it offers a secure and sturdy platform for both buyers and sellers.

You can sell products of the platform and simultaneously earn a handsome amount of commission. Presently, this platform has more than 12 billion products listed on it.

Bluehost Affiliate Program

This is a domain registrar and also one of the leading affiliate hosting providers. You can join this affiliate network without having to pay a dime and start promoting the services minutes after you register with them. Publishers have to promote the Bluehost website and earn commission.

Shopify Affiliate Partner Program

Shopify is a content management system for e-commerce websites. They have a user-friendly and impressive environment for sellers who wish to expand their online business.

Through their affiliate program, you can motivate entrepreneurs in creating an online store and selling products via e-commerce. You get a commission of $58 for each successful sign-up.

eBates Influencer Program

eBates allows people to become eBates infleuncer where the referrals require endorsing the website of eBates and lure people into making a digital purchase by using vouchers and coupons from For each successful couponing, the referral earns $25 commission.

WPEngine Affiliate Program

The affiliate program of WPEngine lets you promote the hosting services of WPEngine as well as the themes of StudioPress both at the same time.

This affiliate program has been given the Pinnacle Award winner for Merchant of the Year and ShareASale Top 100 PowerRank program. You can earn a $200 commission with every sale of WPEngine product.

LiveChat Partner Program

If you can become a LiveChat partner, you can make up to $4500/sale. This site provides you with an aggressive rate of commission for all their affiliates. In case the customer stays with Live Chat by renewing the plan, you’ll keep getting recurring income.

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