Top 15 Best Patient Engagement Software In 2020

Patient engagement is the process of motivating the patients within their own care to boost health outcomes, obtain lower costs and drive better patient care. Through patient engagement, the knowledge, skill, willingness and ability of the patient is combined to handle their own care with proper communication.

2020’s Best Patient Engagement Software

Best Patient Engagement Software 2020

All this, when done in a systematic manner, can enhance positive behaviors. Those patients that prefer to be involved in their decision-making procedure are usually healthier.

Thanks to the advancements in the field of technology that there are patient management software through which it will become easier to handle patients. Here are the names of the 15 best patient management software solutions.

Xia Health

It is a patient management solution that is ideal for small and large healthcare systems. Xia Health offers a patient engagement technology that is entirely focused on supporting the health systems and providers with actionable solutions and data.

They provide secure, seamless, customized and effective connections between patients and providers and patients and their health.


This is best for physician executives, physicians, practice managers, clinical managers, healthcare executives, office administrators, hospital administrators, c-levels, physical assistants and nurse practitioners.

AthenaOne assists doctors in delivering premium quality health care by making sure that the care offered is clinically productive. It also offers quality and administrative services on behalf of doctors.

NexTech Patient Portal

This is another cloud-based patient management solution that assists the healthcare organizations of all sizes in handling records, insurance, medical history and gives real-time updates.

Make sure you engage your patients with the help of HIPAA-compliant that gives you easy access to health records, offers real-time patient data updates, automated reminder system and secure messaging options. They don’t have a free version and don’t offer a free trial.


Phreesia is a company that partners with health systems and medical practices to incorporate patient intake solutions. It offers health care firms a wide array of sturdy applications to handle the process of patient intake.

They have an innovative SaaS platform that engages the patients who are admitted in their care and offers a consistent and modern experience. They also let organizations improve profitability, staffing and boosting the quality of clinical care.


eVisit is a patient engagement software that serves all healthcare organizations that range from Urgent Care Clinics, Primary Care, Mental Health Care providers to the country’s biggest hospital systems.

It is a telehealth software platform that is designed for the health care providers. It is changing the healthcare delivery model and is disrupting the $135 billion primary care delivery market by offering a tool for physicians.


Xolomon is the best digital solution for clinical research. They serve companies like Big Pharma, hospitals, CROs, research societies in studies in more than 15 countries all over the globe.

This is an online solution for creating databases and web applications and they are specialized in capitalizing clinical information. It gives you a fast and easy opportunity to create applications.


InphoniteVoice SaaS is one of those reminder solutions for different businesses including orthodontists, hospitals, law firms, optometrists and other government agencies.

It is an automated messaging system which you can use to send text, phone or mail messages. The notifications can be used to send reminders about appointments, prescription notices, recalls and lab results.

Data + Platform

Data+Platform is an ideal solution for life science and health industries that include clinics, hospitals, pharma and biotech companies, research institutes, biorepositories and cros. It is a customizable platform that is meant for life and health applications.

It extends its benefits to the core system through a plethora of apps for drug development, clinical data management, lab management and more.

MOSAIQ Survivorship

This is designed for the healthcare businesses and it is a cloud-based platform that improves the confidence level of the cancer patients, analyze summary of treatment, monitor reports and also recognize the long term health impact.

This special toolkit lets oncology teams to communicate with the patients who are cancer survivor, monitor the progress of patients and build worthy care plans.


This is designed for business in healthcare, repair, automotive, retail and event management industry. The bowling arenas and salons can also use this appointment management solution which lets you handle queues and waitlists with the help of custom reporting.

It offers schedule management solution that lets you handle waitlists, appointments, communication, customer messaging and analytics.


SolutionReach is totally focused on providing the expertise and technology of how you should use the software effectively to deliver proper care. They were the first ones to bring this into the industry and since then they have been leading the market.

They also try to improve the experience of the patients and connect with them in a way they wish to connect. This results to more appointments on time.


Well is a leading patient management platform that is ideal for enterprise healthcare system. It can combine real-time with your EMR and offer you services that range from advanced automation and appointment reminders.

The customers and clients of Well have seen reduction in no-shows, high portal enrollment and lower waiting times for patients. Staffs and clients love the simple interface.

Simple Practice

Simple Practice is a practice management platform that is especially made for the small business owners in the wellness industry.

This is specially known for its clean interface and feature-rich offers. They have free reminders for appointments, e-claim filing, mobile app and billing & invoicing.

Luma Health

This is said to be one of the best patient engagement platforms that offer a suite of solutions for COVID-19 as it can build deeper relationships with patients. Luma Health retains the lifetime value for hospital, clinics and health systems. It also offers services for the health centers and community centers.


The FollowMyHealth patient portal gives patients easy access to services irrespective of being the software of an individual provider. This discrete patient-generated data can flow back to the EHR to populate the medical record, letting health care providers stay updated about the progress of the patient.

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