Top 15 Best Physical Security Software (2020)

We have become so concerned about information security that physical security has become a second thought for most of us. As we reside in a digital era, information security definitely takes a pivotal part in our life and this is why we tend to forget about physical security totally. Physical security has got administrative and technical elements and it happens to be the most overlooked part of our lives.

Find the Best Physical Security Software

Best Physical Security Software

Unless we implement physical security measures, life can get dangerous. Now that there is plethora of physical security software available in the market, it is easier to create that protective wall around you. Check out the names and features of the top 15 physical security software. is an extremely user-friendly tool for supporting and protecting the physical security of your company. You are allowed to personalize the reporting sections to make them suitable for your needs, report observations and incidents, add attachments and images to give added information.

You can also determine the trends and risks of your company through the real-time statistics that you get from this software.


Dataminr helps businesses mitigate and identify all sorts of risks to physical security. They can brag about having helped more than 70 countries in keeping safe distance from threats to assets, operations, global business strategy and others.

This is a leading AI platform for risk detection and tracking real-time events. They can deliver real time alerts and gain a line of sight to emerging incidents and risks, assisting an array of professionals for managing crisis.


Novagems is a software for security guard management and it lets the security organizations to optimize their administrative operations and handle their clients, guards and managers.

This software company was found in 2017 and it is located in Canada. You can install it on your iPhone, iPad and Android but not on Windows or Mac. Novagems also has a free trial.


The workplace platform of Envoy has the capability of transforming the modern day office with the most meaningful products. With this software you can handle everything from a single location and redefine how visitors interact with offices.

Envoy ensures maximum safety and health of employees, on-time booking of conference rooms and handling delivery of more than 13000 locations all over the globe.


This is a product of RiskWatch and is a compliance management software solution that leverages survey-based process for information and physical security. In the survey, a series of questions are asked regarding the asset and the score will be calculated depending on the responses.

You are allowed to assign tasks and handle remediation based on the results of the survey. You can also get notifications whenever there is non-compliance to the basic requirements or the relevant regulations and standards.


Camlytics is a software company that is based in the United States and that has a software called Camlytics. It includes training through documentation. It is a product of Windows Software and it offers a free trial as well as a free version.

This is a physical security software that includes support for all kinds of business and it has features like event management, data collection and management of unpredictable incidents.

IDentifyED: Campus Security

IDentifyED is a product of Kornukopia and it is a Numero Uno in the field of Campus security and safety. This software is famous in 150 countries and is available in 14 different languages.

Their campus security and safety system includes a collection of tools for the campus. They have emergency broadcast, payment systems, access control and library checkout features.


You are allowed to manage security guard operations with this software called Guardso. This is a robust guard management software program that lets users streamline their patrol operations with services like in-app check, online reporting, site-tours and much more. With their user-friendly dashboard,


This is one of the leading incident reporting workflow management that is available on-premises and on-cloud. This is a software that has been developed by Presynct Technologies. This software offers the best services as long as mobile incident reporting is concerned.

They offer you an effective workflow system that carries on incident reporting through which you can track cases, dispatch resources, log activities and determine data.

Silvertrac Software

This is one of the most advanced guard accountability software that is a brainchild of the most reputable security guard management software, Silvertrac Software. It is rich in features and is user-friendly and reliable. Clients can monitor their security teams with ease.

XProtect Essential

This is a cloud-based video surveillance solution that is perfect for the small sized businesses that work on retention, recording, playback and sharing of video file functionalities. It has got features like map functions and alarm manager.


This is ideal for private and public companies that include residential and commercial building, industrial sites, hospitality, consulates, embassies, government entities, hospitals and educational institutions. This software thankfully replaces the backdated manual way of visitor registration with a more modern one.

eTime Xpress

Their main target comprise of companies in the hospitality, security and healthcare industries that are looking for time-tracking and scheduling solution.

This is an apt solution that offers the most powerful tools and integration capabilities that let you significantly reduce the labor costs and boost productivity.


Coredinate offers security services, physical security departments, companies, cleaning services, facilities management, real estate and healthcare.

This is a fully integrated and innovative solution for FM, security, real estate and cleaning companies that wish to optimize their process of operations.


Mobotour is a software solution that caters to the facility engineers, security officers and other property managers. They serve the condos, neighborhoods, hotels, office buildings, hospitals, universities, constructions, parks and more.

This provides accountability and verification services that require different security services. This company was founded in the year 2012 and their company is located in United States. This is not an ideal solution for Windows and Mac users.

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