Top 15 Best Plastic Surgery Software In 2020

Plastic surgery has become one of the most common types of cosmetic surgery procedures all over the world. As more and more people are trying to repair their looks and go under the knife to carve their dream body parts, the doctors are getting busier with their plastic surgery appointments. With the rush of patients that they have to deal with, they often find it necessary to take resort to some kind of software.

Best Plastic Surgery Software Reviews

Best Plastic Surgery Software

Thanks to the advancements in technology that there are some of the best plastic surgery software with the help of which handling appointments will become easier. Here are the names of the top 15 plastic surgery software you can use in 2020.

Nextech Practice

This software is best for ophthalmology, plastic surgery, medial spa and dermatology. They happen to be one of the leading providers of software specific to specialty.

It is a well-integrated electronic medical record and practice management software that has been made to enhance productivity through several functional areas. With its customizable templates and intuitive design, it is a favorite among clients.

Clinicea – EMR

Clinicea is a plastic surgery software that is tailored to meet the demands of clinics & doctors in both ancillary and primary segments.

Clients have reviewed it to be the easiest and most beautiful solution for clinics, doctors and clinic chains. It can convert paper based forms into digital case sheets and this way it makes EMR totally customizable for each physician. Clinicea has heavily focused on design and offers a clean and clutter-free interface.


HSTpathways makes software for multi-specialty and single ambulatory surgical centers, hospital outpatient, corporate management companies and same day surgical facilities.

This is a complete all-inclusive software solution for the aforementioned organizations to help them with material management, streamlining scheduling, registration and billing. They are located in the US.


This is a telemedicine solution that assists healthcare providers in registering patients, booking procedures, capturing insurance details and scheduling patient follow-ups, among several other tasks.

NHCircle allows doctors to view calendars, set up consultations, request diagnostic tests, generate ePrescriptions and send emails. Through the software, you can check occupancy of beds, handle referrals and billing.


This is a combined suite of software solutions that are especially meant for physical therapy, health, solo physicians and healthcare organizations. Some features include digital health records, practice management, patient engagement tools, medical billing, reputation management, patient charts and financial analytics.

This software provides business intelligence reporting that works to automate workflow of medical practice. When the workflow process is combined, it automates the journey of the patient, improves his experience and helps in handling appointments.


This is best for small practice ambulatory ERM that has 10 or fewer medical professionals. This is a cloud-based service provider that helps in maintaining revenue cycle management, electronic health record, patient engagement, medical billing, care coordination and health management of population. They already work with a network that has more than 160,000 providers.

DrChrono EHR

This EHR and medical billing platform from DrChrono is compatible with your iPhone and iPad. This software lets healthcare providers and medical practitioners to handle patient care, patient intake, billing, and clinical charting and revenue cycle management.

It has personalized medical forms, scheduling tools, e-prescribing, a patient portal and real-time eligibility checks of patients.


This is a practice management solution that helps dermatologists, plastic surgeons and others in managing the medical records of their patients, inventory, appointment schedules and payments.

It is a cloud-based tool that also helps plastic surgeons in handling and dealing with electronic prescriptions and working accordingly. They don’t offer a free version of their software and their pricing starts at $195/month.


CureCast EMR is a web browser and a smartphone app that is ideal for dermatologists, plastic surgeons who have an aim of easily retrieving, classifying and comparing pictures of patients from any gadget. This software is designed for photo management.

Physicians can categorize, retrieve details and compare the pictures of patients in an effortless way. You can access the medical records and pictures of patients remotely.


FaceTouchUp is an effective software solution for the bariatric and plastic surgeons and also for the surgery clinics.

This software utilizes computer imaging solution that lets you use simulation technology for visualizing the results of cosmetic and plastic surgery. Their pricing starts at $595 per user and they also offer a free trial.


Vincari has been specifically designed for hospitals, physicians and surgical centres as well. It is a documentation tool aided by computer that utilizes artificial intelligence and machine learning to enhance the process of documentation.

The entire process of maintaining documents of the numerous patients that you have becomes seamlessly easy with this software.

Aesthetics Pro Online

This is a cloud-based medical spa management solution that is HIPAA compliant and that offers calendar management, staff management, point-of-sale, client management and other marketing management functions all within one solution. Users can maintain timesheets of employees, commissions, payroll and tips.


This is a hybrid integrated solution that offers you the best functions like practice management, electronic medical records, revenue and billing cycle management among several other tasks.

Harmony especially caters to the internal medicine, general surgery, pain management, OB/GYN sectors. It offers personalized SOAP notes, e-prescribing, growth charts, document management and HL7 labs.


This is a cloud-based solution that is best suited to those medical practices that require personalized EHR. The system includes personalized training and live telephone support for 24 hours and 365 days in a year. It has a pre-built content and numerous templates that you can edit for different providers.


This is an electronic medical recording software that is designed for healthcare systems, hospitals and other facilities.

They are supported by an in-house team of workers and their modules include dashboards that display and combine financial and clinical metrics along with customized templates.

The tool also helps with telemedicine options that let doctors communicate easily with patients through the video platform.

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