Top 15 Web Conferencing Software Reviews & Comparisons

One of the greatest ways of generating interest in your service or product is through organizing webinars. You can also use webinars for launching a product, group meetings and also for training.

However, it is a challenge to find the appropriate webinar software as there are large numbers of software programs in the market.

Top Business Web Video Conferencing Software

Best Video Conferencing Software

You can engage your audience and design meaningful connection with the participants of the webinar with the help of proper webinar tools. However, it is important for you to choose the right software watchfully. Here are the best web conferencing software for 2020.


If you’re on a tight budget, Zoom is one of the best webinar tools that you can choose. If the duration of webinars is short, Zoom is the answer.

The basic version of Zoom is available free of cost and you can host conferences that comprise of more than 100 participants and hold a group meeting of around 40 minute. Even at the basic level, you get free online support.

YouTube Live

Did you ever consider this one as a free webinar servicing tool? Bet you didn’t! Well, YouTube live can also be used for conducting the most effective webinars.

If you check some of the best webinar tools, you’ll find that they use YouTube in background. While you’re done with video streaming, you may publish it. You can get several tutorials on the web to product better webinars on YouTube.

Facebook Live

Facebook Live is one more option for free webinar software. Everyone has Facebook accounts nowadays and hence it makes sense to go live on Facebook to reach out to as many as possible.

As you start your live session, your friends and followers can join in your video and start watching you. Once you’re done, publish the live video on your Facebook page for others to check later on.

Cisco Webex

Cisco Webex is one of the most famous event hosting and online meeting tools. With this webinar software, you can get definite tools that are catered to meet all sorts of needs. This software gives you an option to host webinars with 3000 people, webcast up to 100,000 people and train up to 1000 people.

Skype Video Meetings

Although you may not have a Skype account, you may easily host a webinar with no limit on duration using Skype. You are allowed to include up to 50 people on a video call.

This is also an effective webinar option that comes free of cost. You just have to create a link for conference call and share with all the participants. This link will never expire.


This one is rather too popular for its online meeting software. Their online software tool is mainly popular due to its reliability.

There are four different levels of this tool and each of them is based on the participants of the webinar which can range from 100-3000. This webinar tool offers some features like handouts, capability of creating polls and having a session of question and answer.


In case you’ve recently taken classes, you’ll already be acquainted with this training tool called Blackboard. Something that many don’t know is that this online webinar tool has business solutions that include web conferencing software. If the reason behind this webinar is training, Blackboard is a great option.

Webinar Jam

Webinar Jam is one more famous platform for conducting webinars. It is an easy-to-use live tool for webinars that allows you to control the number of participants in your webinar.

This software has webinar rooms that can be protected with passwords. You can utilize interaction tools like chat and polls to enhance the engagement of audience.

Vimeo Livestream

Just as the name of this webinar tool, it is exactly the same. This is a live streaming webinar tool that can also be used in the form of webinar software. It has the capacity of conducting a moderated chat real-time. You can use Vimeo if you wish to stream YouTube and Facebook Live.


With ClickMeeting, select from a wide array of plans that are available as per your requirements. You can create surveys, polls, share your screen and also utilize chat features. You can also track statistics of webinar through this online webinar tool. You’re also allowed to record the webinar.


Have you long been looking for an automated webinar tool? If yes, EverWebinar is perhaps all that you need. The automated webinars that you can set will look like live webinars. This webinar tool has in-built auto-responders. You can choose an automated webinar with this live chat moderator.


One more among the best webinar software tools in the market is Livestorm. This webinar tool can easily accomodate nearly 1000 participants depending on the plan that you choose.

There is a basic free webinar platform with great features that included unlimited webinars. This tool also supports screen-sharing.


When reviewing other webinar platforms, you shouldn’t miss Demio. This software will provide you several plans that are based on the attendees of the webinar. You can select a plan that range from 50-500 attendees. This tool can automatically record all your webinars.

Webinar Ninja

WebinarNinja has a plan for around 100-1000 participants. You can even create automated webinars with any single plan for all the attendees.

This tool also has auto recording features with software packages as they have the option to share screens and include other features like Q&A and polls. Each plan has technical support.


MegaMeeting webinar software includes chat, sharing of screen, live polling and file sharing. You are allowed to invite participants via secure conference links.

All levels of this software enjoy 24/7 phone support, chat for technical support and emails. You can also get a free trial for this MegaMeeting webinar app.

So, if you’re trying to conduct webinars for official purposes, you can check out any of the above mentioned webinar softwares for 2020.

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