15 Best Business Management Software and Systems

Are you a small business owner or are you the leader of multiple businesses? If answered yes, there would certainly be a long list of activities that you have to perform regularly.

The Best Business Management Software

Business Management Software and Systems

Very soon, you would find it tough to juggle multiple tasks at the same time. If you don’t want your work to become chaotic and tough to handle, you have to start using business management software to stay an edge above others.

Increasingly large numbers of businesses are investing in such software solutions to get things done seamlessly. Here are the names of few of the best business management software of 2020.

Proof Hub

This is a business management software that amalgamates all features that you may require for taking good care of your business.

You can distribute all your business processes, share and store files and also share feedback, all under a single roof. You can use their smartphone app both in iOS and Android and this will help you work on-the-go.


StudioCloud has earned a positive reputation as a dependable and trustworthy business management platform and company management system within no time.

For all sorts of business requirements, this is a one-stop solution as it focuses on all the features that a business may have to take care of. You can manage partners, clients and vendors all at once with StudioCloud.


Regardless of whether you’re a freelancer or a consultant or a small business agency that is looking forward to tracking several projects, Todo.vu is the right solution for you.

This one is a simple software for business management that only knows how to get things done. It brings your project management in a single place with a neat and friendly UI.


Scoro is yet another all-rounder business management software that has been designed in such a way that it can bring together your teams, sales, projects and reports all at one centralized place.

You can handle all business tasks in an efficient and seamless manner and organize every aspect of your business. You can also handle invoices easily.

Zoho One

Zoho One is a company management and business management software that is blessed with all that you may need to operate your business.

You just have to connect different apps so that all teams can work productively. Through this software, you can handle every business aspect and also enhance collaboration with an option to share and store documents online.


Odoo is another reliable and trustworthy business management software that provides a wide array of business applications that form a host of enterprise management applications.

This software covers accounting, CRM, eCommerce, sales, and inventory and project management tasks. Odoo apps can be integrated together and you can automate your entire business process with the apps.


Being a company management system or a business management software, iBE.net is one of the best choices for mid-sized businesses.

It provides you with services like preparing invoice reports, expense tracking, CRM support with integration of project details. iBe.net is also used in marketing, consulting, management and various other technical industries.


Timecamp is one-stop destination that is blessed with a time tracker with monitoring productivity, computer activities, tracking attendance, integrations and much more.

As this software tracks time, you needn’t worry about spending several hours determining the time you’re spending after tasks. Moreover, it also has an intuitive interface that gets your team onboard.


The Netsuite is a consolidated business management suite that is used by more than 40,000 small and medium-sized businesses that are growing at a rapid pace.

Netsuite offers different tools for Financials, CRM, ERP, eCommerce and HR. This is a mobile-enabled, cloud-based and social platform that is highly versatile.


Apptivo is a software that gives you an array of functions in the CRM aspect of your business. It also assists your business in growing with invoicing, project management and other timesheet capabilities.

You can easily meet all sorts of specific business needs with Apptivo. You can handle timesheets, collaborate on tasks and log expenditure reports. They also have a stellar ticketing system that delivers best customer care support.


If you’ve long been searching for a software that offers a host of collaboration, management and communication features all at one stop, Bitrix24 is the best choice.

It is a complete software for business management that takes good care of your business tasks and projects. Thanks to their internal social network that you can communicate faster, easier and more effectively.

Atlassian JIRA

JIRA is a project planning and workflow mapping software which is designed to assist software development teams of all industries and sizes.

Few of the famous capabilities of this software are burnout charts, Kanban boards and project reporting tools. It also combined with different developer tools and is available as an on-premise or cloud-based solution.


This is an all-in-one company management system as well as a business management platform. Right from first contacting to booking your client, HoneyBook will make it easy for you to manage projects, capture leads, send contracts, automate workflows and send invoices. They also have a mobile app.


Favro is a collaboration and project planning software that focuses on helping teams stay on the same page. The functionalities and features of this software scale across any team or business.

So, regardless of whether you’re a team of marketers or developers or executives, Favro can be a viable option for all. It also enhances visibility and flexibility of projects.


Trello is an application that is web-based and it is designed to cater to all sorts of unique work styles and needs.

From software development to HR, from marketing to sales, Trello assists teams in personalizing its functionality to fulfill requirements of project management. With more than 100+ integrations, Trello makes it simpler for teams to turn their thoughts into actions.

What business management solution are you using? Let us know your experience with the same in the comment section.

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