Top 15 Best Event Management Software

Now that we are residing in the era of social distancing, planning new events is already on the decline, at least temporarily. Nevertheless, with the rise of availability of event management software, individuals and companies can run events virtually and more easily than before. However, it is also seen that in-person events will soon be back.

15 of the Best Event Management Tools for Planners

Best Event Management Software

The Bureau of Labor and Statistics state that the entire event management industry will go through a growth rate of 8% from 2018 to 2028. With the proliferation of event management software tools, things have gotten easier and seamless. Here are the names of the 15 best event management software that you can choose from.


Eventbrite lets you create, browse and market the local events. This is a tool that offers comprehensive solutions for proper event management, right from the process of registration of the events till the process of payment acceptance. This tool lets event managers to check-in attendees with the simple but powerful barcode scanning. It also has a data analytics module to analyze event data like net sales and gross sales for generating actionable insights.


Eventzilla is another one-stop solution for event management for both physical and virtual events. It lets you handle everything that is linked with event management, including promotions, check-ins and registrations. It is integrated with more than 1000 apps and offers a seamless event management experience. This tool has a flexible task schedule builder that supports several sessions at the same time.


Wrike is an online project and event management app that offers you entire visibility and total control of all sorts of tasks. It enables improved communication and collaboration with your entire team. It has a client base of more than 20,000 customers all over the world. This tool lets swift tracking of resources and allows optimum allocation for maximum results. It offers third-party combination with tools like GitHub, JIRA, Creative Cloud, Adobe and much more.


This is a free and powerful RSVP website and application for event management. It lets you quickly and effortlessly design customizable RSVP for all types of events. The tool helps in tracking and grouping of guest lists. It has an all-in-one event dashboard for everyone who is attending the events and their preferences. You can also add customized QR codes for streamlining the attendance process.


The event management platform of Cvent simplifies and automats the total process of planning. You have to begin with sourcing your venue and complete with the customized dashboards and reports post the event. For all kinds of event management needs, you can use Cvent as they have got you covered with almost everything that you need.

Social Tables

Social Tables will offer you the best of event diagramming, venue sourcing, check-in and guest management. They also have a free event planning tool that allows you to create diagrams within few seconds. You are allowed to map the most intricate details and share them with clients, venues and collaborators. Moreover, you can also manage guests from each and every special meal request to VIPs and also visually get them seated within the diagrams.


Tripleseat is the best software for event management for the most unique venues. This is a web app meant for event management and sales that is built for hotels, restaurants and venues. With this app, you can boost sales of events and also centralize and simplify the planning process. You can capture leads of events, convert them to bookings and create instant contracts.


How about using Regpack for personalizing registration forms and creating numerous types of attendees? You can use a mobile device for checking in guests and also give them the opportunity to check themselves in. You can also embed the software on the sign-up page of the software. Group registration and processing of encrypted payment are few other vital features of this tool.


Everwall lets you handle all types of social media campaigns with the process of event management. Thanks to its real-time updates, clients won’t have to wait at all. The best thing about this software is that you don’t have to install in your computer or face any hassle. Viewing leader boards, polling in social media pages and advanced filtering are the main features.


Revered companies like IBM, Motorola, Johnson & Johnson use this event management software called EventMobi. Through this tool, you can engage with your guests before the event, during it and also after the event is completed. Start off with features like live polling, gamification and activity feeds. They also have private chats.

Member Solutions

Member Solutions was originally introduced to process registrations and membership and this makes it perfect among the fitness studios. This was found in the year 1991 and it gradually expanded to include different other tools for planning events. Its registration feature makes it simple for clients to create sign-up forms.


Caterease did the ultimate simplification of the catering part of event management. Caterease lets you create visual menu and also allows you to design a list of ingredients and lists of food preparation for the cooks. Guests will have access to their personal food selection area.


Fonteva is an event management tool that lets you manage numerous events with the help of a single annual fee. This is a special service that has gained momentum in the hospitality industry. One of their regular users is Westin Hotel. In case you’re planning an event, Fonteva is a great choice.


If you’re a corporate manager, you may feel like you’re always running behind programming information for your event. Hubb helps you resolve such issues as it gives you a great way to get content for the event. It reduces admin time by 68%!


Momice is a one-stop solution as long as event management software is concerned. It handles everything right from registration to event statistics to website building. Their pricing system is done on Euros but their solution is offered to anyone who has a reliable internet connection regardless of his location.

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