Top 15 Best Patch Management Software

If you don’t know what patch management is, it is the process in which computers are kept updated. This is done by obtaining, testing and installing different patches on the software tools and applications that already exist in the computer. This method includes handling the network of computers and constantly deploying the patches that are missing on them.

List Of Best Patch Management Software

Patch Management Software

Usually, this process of patch management is done by the companies to mend issues that often occur with the different versions of the software. With patch management, you can analyze the current software program and know the importance of security. Here are the names and features of the top 15 patch management software.

Solar Winds Patch Manager

This software is idea for the large businesses that operate on an extensive range. SolarWinds offers you a functional free trial for around 30 days and the price starts off at $6440. However, they have different licenses that are accessible at the range of $6440 to $150000. This platform can automate the patching of Microsoft Servers, third party applications and Workstations. It will work to reduce all sorts of security risks and limit interruptions in service.


This is the best choice for IT service providers, small and medium sized businesses and IT departments. They offer you a free trial for a product and is priced at a per device bases depending on the features. It can automate third-party and OS application patching for MacOS and Windows devices with the help of drivers and granular control on the features. It also supervises on the performance of all your MacOS and Windows workstations.

Microsoft SCCM

This also seems to be best for small to large sized businesses and they too have different pricing plans. With Microsoft SCCM, you can easily automate workflows and you can monitor and manage open systems like Hyper-V, Linux and VMware. You can also use this platform for handling and deploying Windows 10 for configuration, Windows Server, compliance and health. This is the ultimate solution for your infrastructure.

Avira Software Updater

Avira software updater is a simple and user-friendly patch manager that lets you spot all the recent updates of more than 150 of the best applications. Although it doesn’t offer you a list of the supported apps but it includes Chrome, Microsoft Office, Opera, Firefox, Abode Flash, Adobe Reader and CCleaner. It can also run a scan to detect the backdated drivers in your computer.

Avast Business Patch Management

Avast is yet another security vendor that has some of the most amazing update tools that covers the needs of 3 levels of users. The beginners and the bargain hunters are free to install the Avast Antivirus in order to get the basic Software Updater. This too can help you detect all the missing patches and install the selected updates.

GFI LanGuard

For all demanding businesses, GFI LanGuard is a patch management powerhouse that can scan the network, safeguard your mobile and desktop devices and can offer you too many features. This too can handle updates for operating systems including Windows 7-10 along with Mac and Linux distros. GFI LanGuard supports more than 80 third-party apps.

ManageEngine Patch Manager Plus

ManageEngine Patch Manager Plus is yet another effective tool that can deploy patches across Mac, Windows and Linux systems. It can update several operating systems, Microsoft Office and also a wide array of Office components. Though it is pretty business oriented, it has a wide range of apps that a home computer user would easily have.


This software is ideal for large businesses and it offers a free trial for a minimum of 14 days. This software offers IT management software monitoring benefits. This tends to be a product for Remote Monitoring and End-Point management solutions. This patch management software is ideal for Mac, Windows and third party software. It offers real-time visibility of the status of the patch.


SysAid is also perfect for large businesses and it offers a free trial for a month. If you check the reviews, you’ll find that this solution is offered at a cost of$1211 for 5 users and 500 assets. It provides Service Desk, ITSM and Help Desk Software. You can use it to keep PCs and Windows-based servers updated.


This platform supports more than 7000 packages. It is extremely customizable and has a free version for the users to try out. It is a comprehensive package manager for Windows that can automate updating, installing and uninstalling of your software. However, this is not a software for the beginners. You’ll need some knowledge to operate this software.


This is an easy-to-use online interface that offers restrained app support. This is a rather too simple tool for updating and installing a lot of Windows apps all at once. This is a service that is mainly offered because of its web-based interface and automatic installers. For updating Firefox, Chrome, Opera, Ninite is the best option.


Itarian is a platform that is ideal for the medium-sized business firms. The companies can calculate the price of this platform as per their own requirements. This software offers patch management solution for deploying OS updates for Linux and Windows devices. You can easily create policies to apply automatic updates.


Automox is the software that is ideal for large businesses because it offers a trial for 15 days. It offers patch management solution for Windows, Mac and Linux devices. This is a cloud-based option and this solution is available with configuration controls and full patching.

PDQ Deploy

PDQ Deploy is easily downloaded for free and is available free of cost for lifetime. PDQ Deploy offers features of multi-admin access through a shared database that will let you share schedules, deployments, preferences and lists between consoles. As the schedule or deployment is successful, you receive a notification.


Pulseway is best for freelancers and larger business firms. The starter plan is offered for free and the price can be determined as per your requirement. This software offers management solution and remote monitoring. Through this platform, you can scan systems, install new updates and finally update them.

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