Top 15 Best Policy Management Software In 2020

To put it in simple terms, policy management software is a cloud-based and web-based application that helps you in organizing, circulating and editing policy documents in a better way.

Best Policy Management Software 2020 Reviews

Policy Management Software

If you delve into the world of healthcare, policy management software also offers extra security and permission options for private documents and information and it ensures easy collaboration between editors and creators of policies.

As there are new procedures and policies being added and updated in world of healthcare, policy makers require a surefire way to make sure all hospital staff has gone through the policies. This can’t be done without policy management software. Take a look at the top 15 leaders in the market.


ConvergePoint is a tool for contact management for regulatory compliance. With the help of this software solution, you can manage policy arrangement, take care of sharepoint and also deal with health and other problems.

Using this software is extremely less time consuming. Features offered are contract management, document management, contract drafting, approval workflow, lifecycle management, contact management and many.


LogicManager is the second software program that offers automated solutions for compliance management. This is a software that has constant on and off change and using this is necessary to boost productivity and reduce your effort.

Features offered by LogicManager are archiving and retention, FDA compliance, HIPAA compliance, risk alerts, controls testing, ISO compliance and OSHA compliance.


TravelPerk is one of the best travel management tools that can enhance the experience of employees while they book their trips.

This is a web-based solution that assists the small to large sized businesses and improves their efficiency TravelPerk gives the users to access the travel search, improve efficiency and save time while booking business trips. With the travel inventory, employees can book hotels, flights, cars and trains.


Staff.Wiki is a policy and a procedure management tool that is meant for businesses of all sizes. This platform offers companies with tools to handle all their staff policies, compliance initiatives and basic operating processes.

Staff.Wiki is also a knowledge base as well as a training tool that helps employees access information regarding procedures and policies. It also lets you participate in certification programs and online training.


PolicyHub is a policy management software that is designed to assist the small, medium and large business firms to streamline and handle all processes. From distribution to policy creation to reporting, PolicyHub is one of the best platforms.

This platform has an easy-to-use interface and lets admins design policies even when they don’t have coding knowledge. It is designed for IT, businesses, retail, manufacturing and insurance companies.


PowerDMS is a cloud-based solution that has been designed for the private and public sector companies to handle the policy lifecycle. This is done through capturing of electronic signature, revision tracking and much more.

The main features of this software are policy training, audit trails, compliance management, collaboration, content management, permissions for user access and self-assessments.


This is a cloud and web-based solution that is specially designed for the healthcare providers to keep a tab on the thousands of documents through digital archiving system. It also helps in streamlining the process of work of the facility and ensures maximum regulatory compliance.

The main features include templates, version control and workflow management. The centralized platform also has a learning management system.


The eighth software on the list is PolicyStat. This is a cloud-based policy management tool that is of extreme help to businesses of different sizes to handle their documentation and procedures.

Few of the main features include auditing, compliance tracking, collaboration and contract management. The archiving tool of this software can let you keep a tab on the status of each policy and also come with filter tabs. You can create new workflows to automate the process of policy review.


PolicyBond is a product of Galvanize Software and it is designed to carry forward attestation management and enterprise policy with ease. This software has been created with a purpose of simplifying the process of tracking, author and managing policies centrally.

You can also map them to regulatory compliance, business objectives and risk framework. You are allowed to automate the total process of policy management.


DynamicPolicy is a cloud-based solution that has been designed to assist the medium-sized companies in managing the total policy management procedure.

This is done through collaboration, certification tracking, version control and much more. Few of the main features include policy training, content management, compliance management and audit trails.


MyCompliance is a cloud-based software solution that is designed to help businesses of different sizes automate the lifecycle of policy management by maintaining staff knowledge assessments.

This can be done with the help of engaging content. Few of the key features include compliance management, practices library, audit trails, policy training and many more.


Convercent is a compliance management solution that is cloud-based and that helps small to large businesses handle corporate ethics through reports, analytics and data-based predictions. It includes different modules to help in handling cases, learning, policies, conflicts of interest and much more.


The policy management cloud solution from DocTract is built to handle the total life cycle of policies and procedure for any business of any size. You can automate each and every step in the process of policy management that includes collaboration, document versioning, attestation, publishing and training.

Diligent Compliance Software

Diligent Compliance is a risk management solution that can help companies maintain their regulatory compliance through external and internal processes and boost continuity of businesses. Professionals can upload corporate policies through this platform and also create reports for regulators, auditors and leaders.

Sword Policy Manager

SwordPolicy Manager is a cloud-based solution for compliance management and that helps businesses of different sizes in monitoring policies within the company.

With the help of their centralized platform, you can opt for complete management of vital documents. SwordPolicy Manager also lets users assess internal processes and also reduce company liabilities.

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