Top 15 Best Advocacy Software In 2020

Employee advocacy is one of those crucial aspects that are most often forgotten by brands. It not just grows your brand value but also helps you in reaching out to more audience.

Employees can also push their own professional growth. According to a survey, 88% of the respondents reported that it contributes to enhancing their professional growth. Moreover, 77% of the respondents feel that it assists them in keeping up with the latest trends.

Online Advocacy Software for Nonprofits

Best Advocacy Software

Political activists and marketers also use advocacy software to engage their audience and boost brand promotion. Here, in this post, we’ll discuss some of the top 15 advocacy software to choose from.

DonorPerfect Fundraising Software

DonorPerfect is a fundraising software that is appropriate for the non-profit organizations. It lets users tackle and manage contacts, donations, reporting, receipting, all sorts of fundraising initiatives and e-mailing from a single system.

Dashboard reporting and analytics offer insight into the factors that drive donations and it can also send customized e-mails. It works best on Mac, Windows and Linux OS.

Salsa CRM

Salsa CRM is one of the most efficient constituent relationship management platforms that let non-profit organizations track offline and online fundraising, supporter relationships and smartly report on everything that is important.

It has features like donor cultivation, direct mail, gift processing of all kinds, reminders on tasks, grant management, database permissions, tracking of volunteers and member management.

Social HorsePower

This is a simple software for scheduling your social media teams. This solution is probably the ideal one for companies that have been striving hard to resolve their recruiting efforts through social media.

It is also perfect for the sales teams that are trying hard to fill in the gap between advocacy and employee management. It helps the sales team with stabilizing their recruiting efforts and giving a voice to the social media employees.

Blackbaud Fundraising

Blckbaud is a fundraising and donation management platform that lets businesses automate tasks related to tracking activities of donors and payments.

The tracking is done by leveraging different communication tools. Online donations, event management, donation tracking, donor database and payment processing are the key features of this software.

Network for Good Software

Network for Good provides donor management software interspersed with personal coaching and fundraising pages for growing non-profit institutions. This software lets you search and categorize donors, launch customized mails, track gifts and carry on direct mailing campaigns with the help of donor management software.

Bloomerang Software

Bloomerang was created in the year 2012 and it is a probable solution for the small and medium sized non-profits. It lets users to take a look at the donor records of the organization, track the ideal time to stay in touch with each donor and measure the level of engagement of each donor. This makes it simpler for the users to get to know a potential person who can be contacted.

Keela Software

Keela is the first ever non-profit oriented, reasonable CRM platform to offer the most intelligent tools and help in decision-making.

Through the services of this software, the non-profit institutions can make wise decisions based on the data. They can build a contact database, build profiles of every contact and also store conversations of the contacts. Keela also has an email marketing tool.

MobileCause Software

MobileCause is a cloud-based communication management and fundraising solution for all sized non-profit organizations.

Few of the main features of this software include text-to-donate, online giving, live thermometer, event fundraising, peer-to-peer, donor engagement, mobile messaging and analytics. The software can let you share online giving forms on websites and social media pages.


Member365 is a non-profit solution for member-based companies and it is a cloud-based platform. The features that are offered may include automated membership, membership management, member portal, renewal of automated membership, email marketing, event planning and fundraising among several other activities. It is accessible through different platforms like tablets and phones.

Reference Edge

B2B firms that employ more than 50 employees selling moderately complicated products with sales cycles of more than 60 days will find Reference Edge to be helpful.

This is a native app that has been designed specially to handle customer reference and automat workflow. You can issue and also redeem reward points for activities that have completed reference.


GiveLife is powered by Microsoft Dynamics 365 and it is an all-encompassing cloud-based customer relationship management software created especially for non-profit firms.

Through this software, you can organize campaigns, handle fundraising and other membership management operations. GiveLife offers tools with insights to businesses to let them operate effectively and efficiently. It can plan campaigns, track volunteers and handle donors.


Aplos is a cloud-based system that has been specifically designed to serve the requirements of church and other non-profit institutions.

This platform includes management of online donation, fund accounting, fundraising tools, reporting functionalities, event management and membership management functions. Organizations can handle their funds, transactions, finances and cash flows.

Club Express

This is a cloud-based advocacy management software for any club or association. This kind of solution is perfect for cultural and art clubs, hospitals and healthcare, environmental groups, human services organizations, higher education groups and many more.

It offers donor management, non-profit marketing, event planning and charity. Their system has a member portal, offers certificate and award management facilities as well.


GrowthZone is an online platform that has been designed to help chambers of commerce and other organizations to handle their events, members, marketing, fundraising, volunteers, donor and more.

This is the first advocacy management software that has an in-built sales and automation funnel management. Their billing application has features like batch invoicing.


This is an all-inclusive non-profit software program that can be easily configured to meet demands of an array of non-profit organizations.

They have an objective of having a single database that provides a 360-degree view of members and donors from just one page. It offers features like purchase and donation tracking, campaign management, relationship management, event management, fundraising and more.

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