15 Best Brand Management Software For Businesses

If you’ve been looking for viable ways of executing a marketing campaign for your company brand, brand management software is probably the best option.

Top Brand Management Software 2020

Top Brand Management Software

With this software, you can create brand new marketing plans and approve all your campaigns via brand management tools. You can manage several social media accounts of your company and also share content with your audience directly.

While there are more than one benefit of brand management software solutions, choosing one among the crowd is always a daunting task. Here are the names of the best programs in the market.

Brand 24

With the Brand24 software, you can obtain a real-time review of your company image and also grab social insights too. This offers a great option to gain instant access to all the social media mentions.

It is a platform rather too reliable which helps in measuring the social influence and effectiveness of the brand. This boosts sales of the company and also helps with improving customer satisfaction.

Extensis Portfolio

Enhance the value of all the digital assets of your company with this digital brand management software. Besides being one among the best software in the market, Extensis also assists you with proper management of workflow and font management.

This software easily solves the issues of handling extensive and complex files and making them readable.

Widen Collective

This software has always been recognized by SoftwareWorld and several other reviewing websites. A brand management software like Widen Collective offers an extremely nice brand management solution.

Throughout several years, Widen has been successfully serving creators, technologists and brand marketers with its efficient features.


This is a rather effective brand management software as long as handling your brand and digital management is concerned. Bynder is created in such a manner that it can cater to the needs of all types of businesses.

You can make your brand functional and popular with this software. Bynder also helps in controlling content and creating a familiarity between brands and employees.

Third Light

Third Light is one such software that was designed with extreme user-friendliness from the beginning. This software can seamlessly handle big files and simplify the arduous task of management.

All those companies that care about their services and quality of performance will always opt for Third Light.


This is more commonly known as content wizard. In the world of social media marketing, content is known to be the king. If you too think of monetizing on content, Falcon.io is definitely the best software for you.

It not just handles your content calendar but also makes it easier to handle workflow and campaigns that are hosted by the business.


Brandfolder happens to be the simplest yet powerful digital asset management platform. You can simply share, store and also demonstrate everything that is important for your brand with the SaaS solution that is cloud-based.

If you want your brand to become consistent, organized and empowered, Brandfolder is the best option for you. This software supports all file formats.


Frontify is touted to be one of the most commendable software that suits all kinds of business, regardless of its size. This is an all-rounder brand management software that collaborates with the business and boosts brand consistency.

You can seamlessly create a web-based manual for the company or maintain a user-interface library. Frontify stresses on the reviews of the customers for better future development.

Asset Bank

Asset is a digital asset management software that has also earned an award for the same. The exquisite features of this software make it compatible with different types of businesses.

You can download this software easily without having to feed in the details of the company. You are allowed to upload any files of the company, search files and trace them for better functionality.


Marvia is the name of another software solution that lets you create, handle and order marketing communications within your personal brand portal.

You can seek access to more than 70,000 marketers, communication experts, franchisers through the marketing portal of Marvia. When you use Marvia, it can ensure that the rules that are set for the identity of the brand are observed and applied. This ultimately benefits your brand experience.

Send Social Media

Send Social Media is a vital brand management that can help you with marketing management and social media management.

This software is an important dashboard for marketers and business agencies. Among all other social media software, Send Social Media properly handles social media content, monitors them and engages audience who later on become your customers. It can support more than 30 networks at the same time.


MomentFeed is one of the leading search engine optimization platform that is trusted by most of the multi-location brands in automotive, retail, restaurant, financial and hospitality service industries. From the CMOs of multi-location, franchises and national brands, proximity search optimization is gaining momentum.


Brandworkz is touted to be one of the best brand management software that helps business to manage their own brand image.

This software informs employees to take charge of their brand and engage in activities that help them stand out of the crowd. Brandworkz is a software that helps a company to control investing in unnecessary things.


This has got an alternative term of Marketing Resource Management. Brand Maker has mustered enough expertise in handling 3 marketing tools with just a single software.

Businesses usually create scalable content to build strong relations and drive consumers. BrandMaker is more focused towards budgets and with real-time reviews.


This is yet another cloud-based brand asset management software that gathers, handles and distributes assets that assist you in organizing things with the company.

The software offers an engaging user experience to motivate the labour in working towards asset increment. NetX is a brand management software that knows the vitality of team collaboration and offers powerful guidelines to several partners. They also offer onboard training to employees for business welfare.

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