15 Best Accounts Receivable Software of 2020

If you’re running a business, you’ll know that improper accounts receivable management can lead to several cash flow issues. These problems create a ripple effect that in turn sets an impact on the other aspects of your company.

List of Top Accounts Receivable Software

Top Accounts Receivable Software

Running a business without a methodical approach towards handling the accounts receivables (AR) process can make you vulnerable to developing bigger monetary issues.

As it is seen that 94% of businesses receive late payments from customers and therefore it’s high time they invest in accounts receivable software. What are your choices? Read on to know about the best 15 accounts receivable software in the market.


BuildSmart is one of the best business accounting software that helps construction and engineering business with regulatory compliance, management of costs, controlling budget, reporting expenses and many more tasks.

If you have a pro in your company, you can utilize the subcontract management module to configure the process of approval and track due dates and release dates of orders.


This is one of the most recommended products as long as accounts receivable software is concerned. For companies that are looking for a solution that abides by their current operations, Multiview provides a host of financial solutions.

With this software, companies can gain visibility on commercial data. You can use the 14 modules of this software for different tasks.

Deskera ERP

Deskera ERP has been created as an intuitive and powerful host of business solutions which has got only one objective in mind – to simplify digital transformation.

The transformation needs to be not just economical but also simple. This is the sole reason why Deskera ERP is trusted by all users over the globe. More than 25,000 companies have unraveled the potential of this software.


NetSuite is an effective business management software solution that is offered for performing activities like customer relationship management and enterprise resource planning.

This is a package that has been created keeping in mind a wide array of industries. The entire NetSuite Financials system can bring together the back office, service and sales process of your business.


FINSYNC offers cash flow management services to multiple users in the cloud, especially to the small and medium sized businesses of the US.

Businesses are allowed to upgrade payments to bill payment, invoicing, tacking projects, payroll, reimbursement of expenses, cash flow, accounting and much more. Besides this, customers also get expert assistance for an hour free of cost.


HyLo is best for small and medium sized enterprises that generate hundreds to thousands of invoices in a month. This is a neobanking platform with easy-to-use and simple interface that can be instantly learnt by the business owner.

HyLo addresses the key pains on accounts receivable and brings together banking along with invoice reconciliation and payables that connect the chain of distribution.

Microsoft Dynamics SL

This is an ERP (enterprise resource planning) solution that is designed for small and medium sized businesses.

The software offers services that are industry-specific for government contractors, professional services, vertical markets and construction management markets. This was initially designed by Solomon Software with the name Solomon IV for Windows.

Connected Accounting and ERP

Connected is a hybrid enterprise resource planning and accounting software. It is tailored to meet the needs of small and medium-sized business throughout the industry.

The software assists them in incorporating their processes and data through various departments and locations. It also helps in handling the companies’ routines of accounting.


RealPage is a property management software that is cloud-based and is perfect for businesses of all sizes.

The core features of this software include budgeting, accounting, purchasing, maintenance of facilities, reporting and document management. Users can store and organize digital records and other documents and automate service requests at the same time.

Activity HD

Activity HD is a payroll and accounting solution from nQativ. It is designed for the small and medium sized businesses.

You can obtain tools to filter, categorize and present data along with security features to satisfy confidentiality requirements. It includes billing, accounting, invoicing, budgeting, forecasting, payroll management and financial reporting.

Oracle JD Edwards

Oracle JD Edwards is an effective cloud-based enterprise resource planning software that offers supply chain management solution.

It offers different types of ERP applications for finance, human resources, consumer goods, distribution, human resources and manufacturing sectors. The software helps you with CRM, management of asset lifecycle, order management and other issues.


This is an enterprise resource planning solution based on cloud and it caters to medium sized and large businesses that help them in handling daily operations.

You can automate regular routines that range from invoice entry to bank reconciliation. This software is designed for the non-profits, corporate and public offices.


Flexi is a cloud-based and on-premise accounting solution that is designed for insurance, banking, service and healthcare industries.

This accounting solution offers automation of accounting and helps you complete audit trials that include real-time visibility, visual display of the audit workflow and determining financial reports apart from several other functions. This solution also allows the users to apply data filters and derive vital economic details.


AccountMate is a hybrid accounting solution which caters to the small and medium sized businesses and provides them with functionalities and tools that let them handle their financial routines and processes.

The solution offers several modules that are tailored to meet all your business needs. They have modules for business intelligence, business analysis, and customer relationship management.


Aplos fund accounting is another cloud-based technology that has been created especially to cater to the needs of non-profit organizations and churches.

The Aplos fund accounting software can be opted for a stand-alone basis or an integrated suite with contribution management, management of online donations and also helps in reporting functionalities.

Therefore, if you run a business of your own and you’re in dire need of accounts receivable software, make sure you choose any of the above mentioned ones so as to reap its benefits.

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