Top 15 Accreditation Management Software

For the universities, associations and governing bodies, they have to always make sure that the individuals and companies that use their name live up to your high standards.

When you have a strict goal of educating, advancing and promoting your industry standards, you have to necessarily run an accreditation program that is user-friendly for all who use it.

Top Accreditation Management Software 2020

Top Accreditation Management Software

With an accreditation management software, you can motivate more members to ensure a thorough and fair review in less time.

However, with the wide array of options in the market, choosing one such software is a daunting task. Scroll down to know the top 15 leaders.


Submittable is a submissions manager that works online and through which institutions and companies accept, review and decide on applicants from a single location.

This solution lets users curate submissions of content for rejection or approval. They have a form builder that offers a drag and drop system to help users create personalized forms with customized text fields.


Qualtrax is a compliance management platform that is cloud-based and lets businesses to handle documents, accreditations, testing, processes and employee training.

This solution is especially designed for testing labs, forensic labs, manufacturers, medical examiners, utility companies and several other industries. They provide tools required to handle internal and external audits.


Weave is an assessment and accreditation solution based on cloud and is designed to help education institutions with course planning, reviewing program and more.

This platform offers a programmatic assessment function that lets determine assessments and organizations offer insight into performance of students. It has features like workflow management, management of faculty credentials, plan tracking and version control.


SPOL is a strategic management software for educational institutions that encompass budgeting, planning, credentialing, accreditation and assessment.

Through this platform, universities and colleges are helped with real-time data and collaborative framework for high-level analysis, decision making and for facilitating constant improvement of the entire institution. The accreditation solution of SPOL is designed to allow streamline documentation and self study.


The Surglogs offers healthcare facilities with a host of compliance software that is designed for improving the daily works of health care administrators by replacing manual documentation with a digital platform that is user-friendly.

Surglogs helps you save thousands of dollars in storage and labor costs for surgery centers and hospitals throughout the United States.


OpenWater is an all-encompassing software platform that is a one-stop solution. With this software, your company can collect as well as review all sorts of applications and also offer you an online review.

Through this platform, you can grow your abstracts, awards, grants, fellowships and more. This platform has been tested and it is able to handle few of the most demanding application process for grants, awards, fellowships and more.


With Credly, you can make educated and measured hiring decisions. Credly offers this effective digital credentialing platform that transforms skills, knowledge and abilities into verified, common language that strengthens organizations and brings forth several opportunities for individuals.

Their customer care team will let them develop a plan that can be customized to meet the requirements of your company.


Jura is a part of Indigo Interactive and it was founded in 2012. Indigo Interactive is a software company based in the US and they offer this piece of software that is named Jura.

This software offers support on business hours. This software feature training through webinars, documentation and live sessions online. It is an SaaS, iPhone, Android and iPad software that has features like user access permissions, reviewer portal and workflow management.


DocTract is one more extremely effective cloud-based solution that is designed for assisting organizations in automating processes for approving, renewing and revising policies and contracts.

With the help of advanced security features, users can seamlessly match profiles of employees with relevant documents that are disbursed among the stakeholders. This is one of the most recommended contract and policy management software.

Accurate Accreditation

Accreditations are much different from certificates as they are a continuous proof that a hospital or a surgical center is of high quality and offer services that conform to the safety standards.

This software digitizes all sorts of accreditation paperwork so that the staff know where they actually stand what to do and what is required for improvement. From analytics to bookkeeping, this software streamlines your daily workflow.


Accredit ASC is created to give the nursing staff tools to assist them with their job. Our product utilizes an iPad so that staff members can move freely around the facility and are not restricted to their personal computers.

AccreditASC is excessively helpful while checking the expiration dates of medicines. Most of their target firms are start-up facilities with 1-2 operating rooms.


PowerDMS is a one-stop destination that shares, creates and attests to all sorts of critical details. You can cooperate on a definite policy, sign proofs of compliance digitally and report the training progress of your staff from any personal computer or laptop. PowerDMS provides easy access to the staff to the most recent training and policies.


One of the most flexible and versatile solutions based on cloud is Zengine. This is designed to streamline the review, collection and management of applications for scholarships, grants and several other programs for charities, foundations, associations, universities and corporations. Features include administrative dashboards, submission portal and monitoring screens.

Armature Fabric for Accreditors

ARMATURE Fabric is a web based accreditation management software that lets certification and accreditation bodies handle self-assessment, standards, data collection and audits. This solution is easy and powerful to configure and lets the user track all programs, people and organizations that they manage.

Jetpack Accreditation Management

Jetpack Accreditation is an accreditation management solution for enterprises that is cloud-based. It has been designed to assist businesses automate procedures that are related to benchmarking tools, document management, self-studies and tests by collecting data through surveys.

Therefore, if you’re looking for the best accreditation management software, you should choose any of the above mentioned ones.

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