PicMonkey Review- PicMonkey PROS & CONS

Did you know that around 95 million photos are uploaded on Instagram each day? This number is larger if you consider the whole World Wide Web. Photography has become an inseparable part of our lives. While there are a large majority of people who love to click photos, editing photos also take a vital role. Most of the raw photos that are clicked need some type of intervention before they’re presented to the public.

PicMonkey Review

Now that you need a photo editing software, PicMonkey comes in. it is one of the most famous editing and collage making websites that we have today. This makes it one of the idealistic choices for the aspiring and the inexperienced photo editors. Before you move on to choose this editing tool, here is a detailed review that you should definitely go through.

A quick glance at the pros and cons of PicMonkey

Do you find yourself in need of an easy and powerful tool that will let you create social media posts quickly? If answered yes, you should consider using PicMonkey. However, before you move on to do that, here are few things that you should keep in mind.


  • You don’t have to be a photo editing expert to produce magical pictures
  • You get a long list of features with the help of which you can edit photos
  • You can do anything that you want with the raw photos
  • You also get a solid amount of graphic designing tools to help you through the process of making a website banner
  • You can also design a cover photo for Facebook that you’ll adore


  • You can’t edit photos of all sizes as they have a size limit on images
  • No option will let you upload images that are larger than 16MP
  • Platform automatically resizes photos to 4000X4000 pixels

Though you can use this photo editor to edit photos and create collages even free of cost, PicMonkey won’t let you save, share and export pictures that you edited before unless you have an account. For this, you need to pay a monthly or an annual fee.

Basic Features of PicMonkey

With PicMonkey, you get different pricing options for all those who plan to use this software on a constant basis. The premium version costs you $799 per month or $599 per month and it is billed annually at $71, 88. The fee that you have to pay for Superpremium pricing plan will cost you $107, 88 per year but the amount of options that you’ll unlock will keep you wondering whether it would be better buying other desktop software like Fotophire.

The interface of PicMonkey is properly organized and so even if you’re a total beginner in the field of software, you won’t find it difficult in learning the tricks of the trade. The few basic features of this photo editing tool are cropping or rotating images. This can be accessed from the toolbar of the editor that offers options like Effects, Basic Edits or Frames, among several others.

PicMonkey will let you upload images from your computer, OneDrive, Facebook, Dropbox or Flickr. Moreover, there is also a wide range of templates that are available for users who want to design images.

Advanced Features

Apart from the common features that are offered in online and offline photo editors, PicMonkey also offers some other expert and pro tools as well. The photographers who indulge in capturing professional photos love to enjoy Bokeh effect, in spite of the fact that Bokey effects offer a photo editing software that is pretty powerful. The effects that you apply to your photo can be removed partially with the Paint feature that lets you choose the size of the brush that you’ll use. This option can be easily utilized when you want to apply the photo effect on a definite area.

PicMonkey will armed with tools that let you edit selfies and other portrait photos to utmost perfection. Features like Wrinkle Remover, Blemish Fix, Mascara, Lip Tint or Weight Loss let you exercise total control on how you want your mouth, skin and eyes to look in the final photo.

PicMonkey Benefits

Lets you edit photos online

PicMonkey lets you edit photos online and the process is rather too fun and fast. With the help of the basic tools of PicMonkey, you can resize, crop and adjust exposure. You can even apply filters and effects to the images to give them an attractive look. It also has tools to retouch photos. You can remove wrinkles and fix blemishes.

Lets you design unique photos

PicMonkey also allows you to unravel your creativity and produce amazing and unique designs for the projects. You will be given an opportunity to create designs using pre-sized canvas or by choosing from a wide range of design templates. These templates are created by pro artists and are ideal for design projects like business cards, social media posts, advertisements, infographics, logos, invitations and posters. You can even add textures, fonts, photos and graphics to your designs. You can create gradient layers and also add text layers.

Lets you collaborate real-time

This graphic design and photo editing software lets users to share designs efficiently with each other and also collaborate on real-time projects. With this editing tool, graphic designers and editors no longer require uploading, downloading and mailing when they share designs. This is because all the projects are stored in one place and can be accessed in one place. The tool lets you create shared space where all the designs of the team members have to be worked on. Team members can add their comments to project files and share their design ideas and feedback. All changes that are made in the designs can be tracked real-time.

So, if you’re interested in buying a photo editing software that is easy on your pocket and also gives you a string of features that you’ll love using, you may choose PicMonkey in order to get hold of the above listed benefits. Make sure you do your research before buying the premium plan.

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