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When you create or design a promotional post for your website or blog, it is vital to ensure that the media and graphics that you use are not only professional but also of premium quality. Most people aren’t design engineers but everyone can create stunning graphics with the help of design wizard. This is the main reason why people use design wizards and this is why we are here to give you a detailed review of this magical tool that is called Design Wizard.

DesignWizard: Wonderfully Simple Graphic Design Software

DesignWizard Review

If you’re new into blogging or owning a website, you might initially feel intimidating to create graphics on your own. You may think that it is something that you aren’t familiar with and that you may have a tough time going through it.

How editing tools are gaining momentum

We can’t deny the fact that we currently live in a visual world. Statistics support the idea that with each passing day, humans will be drawn towards images more than text. In fact, according to a relevant source, posts that contain images or videos obtain around 650% more engagement as compared to pages without images. Researchers are of the opinion that this is because the human brain takes very little time to process images. Social media experts are of the opinion that the most impactful way of engaging your target audience is to come up with image-based content.

If you’re a frequent photographer, there are high chances that you know a lot about using a camera and the tricks of working with it. However, it is true that even the most expert photographers often need help while creating content that is supposed to be ready for social media.

This is exactly where the role of Design Wizard comes in. This editing tool claims to create high quality images within few minutes. After several tests, the results that were found were nothing but promising.

Design Wizard graphic designer – About the company

This company was established in the year 2015 and since then, this Irish-based image editing program has gained momentum in the last five years. From the initial years, the graphic design software of Design Wizard held on to its sole goal of giving access to resources and tools for making great content to everyone.

Since the time it came into existence, Design Wizard has obtained the right to more than 1.2 million images, 15,000 templates and 120 fonts. They upload new additions everyday and all of them are licensed fully for reuse. Apart from photography, the library includes easy access to icons, vector files, transparent PNGs for whatever you aim at.

The content is of professional grade and it is suitable for personal and commercial purposes. Templates can support everything from greetings cards to websites to posters. Whether you want to create content that will reach the printer or the social media, thanks to Design Wizard that you can always take on the challenge.

Experience of working with Design Wizard

In print, the main concepts of this graphic design software will sound magical. But you must be eager to know how everything actually functions in reality. While working on a new project, the site starts off by guiding the novice users towards the template that might best suit their needs.

Firstly, they will ask you a question where you have to mention the orientation that the final piece will be. Then there will be a search bar where you will have lots of samples that will help you streamline your options. As you choose a size and theme, the design will be applied to the drawing board, thereby making it open to all sorts of edits.

Nevertheless, the customization options that are there are basically those that make this Design Wizard exceptionally famous. Though few aspects of the templates like text boxes could have been editable but still the program has lots to offer through their custom color palettes.

The greatest possible asset of Design Wizard is its wide range of personalization. Besides the huge library of resources, the site also lets users upload their personal content. This also means that the users will have the ability to bring in their customized photographs, graphics and fonts.

Free Image Storage

In order to help the users keep things organized, the website also offers its users with free image storage and the capability of creating several folders. This helps them hand onto content that you may wish to use in the near future. For all those who attempt to build their own brand might find this exceptionally helpful.

Design Wizard also performs incredibly well in making all their tools accessible to people who may not have enough of designing background. Even in the repetitions of the software, all the editing options are the same and intuitive. Artists who have worked with Photoshop will definitely identify the method of layering of the program.

This software simplifies inserting everything, from seamless shapes to full-blown video clips without any unprecedented hassle. As soon as they’re in the right place, there will be a dialogue box that will feature several editing options. You can jazz up photos with tempting filters and render semi-transparent that’s similar to a watermark. Components like saturation, brightness and sharpness can also be adjusted easily.

The Pros of Design Wizard

Before wrapping up this review, let’s take a quick look at the pros of this software:

  • Interface is easy-to-navigate
  • Pre-formatted templates for image sizes
  • Free membership that offers good value for service
  • Can make promotional videos
  • Great customer care service
  • Multiple levels of membership
  • Great response to comments or questions
  • Has an affiliate program
  • Offers many sales
  • Offer weekly video offers where you download a free video at $20 value

So, the graphic design software called Design Wizard is highly recommended as this is a great tool and is also a regular part of the routine of graphic designing professionals. Try out their free membership plan so that you can test their features before buying their premium version. Go through all their features and services so as to make sure you get the best for your money.

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