VPNArea Reviews: Pricing & Software Features 2020

VPNArea is a VPN provider that is owned by the mother company Offshore Security Ltd., that operates in Bulgaria but those emails and servers are hosted in Switzerland.

The VPN is a zero log service that offers access to global servers. It is cheap and affordable VPN that has earned a positive reputation with its subscribers.

VPNArea Review – Great Option for Privacy Seekers!

VPNArea Review 2020

The company was founded in 2012 and according to the website, they have more than 212 server locations spread across 70 countries. Their LinkedIn page shows them to have 11-50 employees and hence it seems a legit provider.

According to their claims, they seem to be a High Speed VPN service rated #1! Doesn’t that sound great apparently? Well, before you jump on to buying this VPN service, let’s check out the basics through the review given here.

An overview of VPNArea

  • Overall Rank: #28 among 78 VPNs.
  • Log Files: No logging policy.
  • Usability: Pretty user-friendly.
  • Support: Live chat, proper response times.
  • Locations: 70 countries and 230 servers.
  • Torrenting: Torrenting Allowed.
  • Netflix: Yes 3/5.
  • Protocol/Encryption: 256-bit AES, Open VPN.
  • Cost: $4.92/month.
  • Official Website: www.VPNarea.com.
  • VPNArea – What do they offer?

They boast about their speed and claim that there is no other VPN provider that can match up to their speed. This includes their server network that is spread over 200 servers across 70 nations. The majority of these locations are in Europe and US and few others are located in Asia, South America and a handful in Africa and Middle East.

If you compare this number to that offered by the other VPN providers like PIA (3000+) or ExpressVPN (2000+), it might not be very big. This can be taken either as a good thing or a bad thing based on how you look at it.

VPNArea is a company that can instantly emphasize on the fact that their ‘customer-to-server’ ratio is definitely one of the best in the industry. This should definitely translate to better speed and improved performance for all its users.

Their one server is dedicated to 250 customers and this leads to 13 times enhanced ‘Members: Servers’ ratio than most of the competitor companies. What does this ratio imply?

This clearly means that they never make the mistake of overselling their servers which usually compromises their performance for the users. Rather than doing that, they keep a watchful eye on the total number of customers that they have as against most of the available servers.

They don’t jam as many people as they can on their servers and put their performance on stake. They monitor each of the servers so that they ensure best performance.

Thanks to their special feature that you are also allowed to see the total number of users who are currently using a particular server. This also means that you can search and choose a server that has zero users to make sure the results are best. If you want to search as according to the speed, you can do that too.

VPNArea also has applications that are available for all sorts of the major devices like Mac, Windows and iOS. You can connect till 5 different devices at the same time. When using these devices, you should have unlimited access as there’s no restrictions on downloading and throttling.

On the other hand, if you connect through one of the FlashRouters setup, you can gain unlimited devices with unlimited access.

Pivotal Features of VPNArea

They utilize OpenVPN and it has several perks

VPNArea’s main VPN client is named Chameleon and this is an OpenVPN-based program. While they also support few protocol options, they never recommend them.

OpenVPN is the standard protocol that relies on the solid SSL encryption that is used by SSL certificates to lock major websites that you use on a regular basis. At present, there are no security vulnerabilities and it is considered as the basic encryption algorithm among the industry

VPNArea has an in-built 256-bit encryption

All reliable and trustworthy VPNs use 256-bit encryption. Even the Private Internet Access offers 126-bit encryption.

As we see, 256-bit encryption is used by the best governments all over the world and this ensures that your VPN connection is secure and safe. The number (256) refers to the level of strength and combinations to unlock the encryption. This is basically brute-force proof.

No-logging policy

VPNArea couldn’t keep logs even if they wished to. As long as Bulgaria-based location is concerned, this means a stringent ‘No Logs’ law.

Their day to day servers and mails are headquartered in the infamous and beautiful place Switzerland. There are some VPN providers that maintain logs of daily activities for a specific amount of time in order to improve services.

Extremely affordable

The pricing plans of VPNArea are mostly the same. The main difference bottles down to the length of the plan and hence you can grab discounts while choosing a longer commitment for 6 months to 1 year. However, their monthly plan has one disadvantage – they have no dedicated IP option.

In case you don’t wish to prepay for a couple of month, you won’t get access to their shared IP. This is spread across all users to mask their actions. Their monthly plan comes at $9.90.

The app unblocks Netflix and allows torrenting

When you rank a VPN provider, one of the main criteria to take into account is whether or not it can stream content on Netflix or allow torrenting.

With VPNArea too, you can manage to get access to Netflix and this company also allows torrenting. However, they advise you to see P2P servers for that.

Their app is user-friendly and sleek

One of the things you’ll love the most about VPNArea is that they have an available software on various devices that include MacOS, Windows7, iOS, Android and Linux.

They also support several routers. When you use the app, you can use up to 6 devices at the same time. You can even share accounts.

Therefore, if you’re looking out for an affordable VPN service that offers different types of features, you can choose VPNArea. However, for a stronger option, NordVPN or ExpressVPN may be a better option.

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